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The night was cold. It was darker than any other nights. The wind blew stronger and stronger by the hour. Some of the trees even submitted themselves to the wind. Leaves were left on the ground. Patches of mud were formed without notice. No one wandered Klensburg. The lamps were not working. Only a few twitched with heat and light. The homes lacked people to stay. Rats rushed through the streets, striving for garbage to feast upon. Klensburg was abandoned. No one was here but one person.
A traveler came from East, the city of revolution. Rose was a girl of fifteen. She was raised by the royal family. She opposed her father who was against her travelling to the Darkness region. She snapped back at her father with anger and rebelliously left his father's office, leaving the father dazed. She packed equipment, gadgets and food, and left through the window in her room.
Rose's footsteps echoed throughout Klensburg. It was rumoured that Klensburg never experienced day, but only night. The ground was not fertile enough to grow wheat and plants. The Darkness region was dry. Clouds were scarce and rain came rarely. Even if water droplets appear from the sky, it would only last a minute.
She walked, foot by foot, cautious to her surroundings. Owls hooted and crows flapped their wings as Rose got closer to them. They shocked Rose once, but not twice.
She accidentally stepped on a puddle, but moved on without complaining. Rose was the daughter of the mayor in the city. She was energetic, ambitious and outgoing. She wanted an adventure she would never forget. After finding out about the Darkness region in her History class, she talked to her friends about it, but she was ignored. Days went by with anxiety and curiosity growing inside her. Everyone shunted her that day, but she had her maids to talk to. She was oblivious to the maids pretending to care for her, though. For the past few months, she had been searching for the Darkness region through her father's telescope, but no fruits bore. Every other week, she asked her father if she could go there, but every time she asked, he refused. With every week, she grew more courageous and rebellious with her father. The fateful day they had the argument was the day she escaped. She was wearing a brown leather shirt with brown leather pants. She wore leather boots to fit with her clothes. On her face was a mask worn over. It only allowed her to see through her right eye. But she cared less about it than her journey to and in the Darkness region.
She laid her hand on a wooden door and pushed it open. The door creaked and whined. She sneaked her head into the door of the gap and jumped. She jerked back and the door broke down. She stepped back and a beast was revealed. Concrete was flying all over the place. Dust scattered and splinters lay on the ground. A head was revealed when the dust floated down to the ground. The rest was slowly revealed. Its head had teeth sharper than any grinder in East. It had ears and a nose as black as the night.
It growled at Rose's face.

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@Rapyion I just discovered this thread and I see that you're writing this story (or should I call it a novel now?) for four years. I liked the first few chapters, so I'll jump soon into reading the whole thing. Cheers and thanks for writing!

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@PLGuy Thanks for checking it out. I started this when I was fifteen. Haha!

Chapter 136 – Lysem II

, waiting to grab him. Lysem ducked under his hold and elbowed his chest away before pulling his blast gun and jamming its barrel into his head, knocking him out.

He grunted.

He made a run for it, almost sure that there’ll be a crowd of madmen chasing after him. He looked back-

Yes. Yes. Yes.

The ground was barren with a mix of orange and brown. Dust was swept up as Lysem ran, looking back every twenty steps or so. The bearded man was definitely catching up to him.

The village looked a lot like Klensburg. He had been there before, in search for a client that never appeared. The buildings were a colour of cream, but it had shut windows and dimmed lights that screamed at Lysem to stay away. Faces appeared as soon as they disappeared, only to see what the ruckus was all about. There weren’t faces in Klensburg. I guess it’s a more welcoming sight than monsters. He frowned.

What do they want from me?

He could feel the bearded man’s hands on him, so he turned and jabbed his blast gun at his chin. He could almost burst in laughter, realising how close Lysem was.

“Move, and he dies.” He didn’t even let him swallow saliva. His eyes darted slightly to the right. “You all know what this thing is, don’t you?”

He scanned the area. There were more of the same, ubiquitous buildings surrounding him. And indeed. There was a crowd of madmen with literal torches and pitchforks, most of which were baring their teeth in either anger or insanity, and Lysem didn’t know which.

Lysem could see the man’s arms rising, ever so slowly. He thrusted the blast gun forward, choking and forcing him back. The crowd jerked forward-

“I said,” he shouted sternly. “Move. And. He. Dies.” The crowd looked softened

He gagged and coughed, covering his throat with his hands as he did only before the blast gun was placed back on the same spot.

“Now,” Lysem said. “I’m going to bring him with me until I can barely see you. Then I’m going to release him. He’s going to go back without harm. Got it?”

He caught a glimpse of the bartender appearing from within the crowd before Lysem saw the man’s hands on the blast gun. No-

It was all slow in his mind. His fingers flexed ever so slightly, and he fired.

High-pitched screams of children from inside the houses cracked at Lysem’s ears, and blood sprayed from where the man’s beard was. Lysem muttered, angrier than scared. “WHY GRAB MY GUN, YOU LUNATIC.”

Lysem, everything still slow to him, noticed the mother and her child, both of their faces contorting into a mixture of outrage and misery. Of all the other men-

The mother screamed, sucking Lysem back into real-time. The crowd charged.

And Lysem ran.

And will always run from this guilt.

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Chapter 137 – Appearances


In her mind, she could see Vussia in the corner of a dark room, attempting to plead by pouting her lips too much for Avus to be comfortable. She could see her lips, but nothing else. No face, no body-

I don’t want you to know me, is all, Vussia said as the lips curled into a smile. We’ve barely met.

Avus was sitting on her office chair as she pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. She figured that Exen wouldn’t mind her taking over his chair for a while, and she sat, enjoying every moment of it.

Exen opened the door and looked at her for a moment, then asked if he could sit.

Sigh. She gave him a slight grin and stood up, walking over to the couch nearby and landing on it.

She asked how the hunt was doing. Can’t imagine having to search every corner for those flytraps. I know my city, but not every part of it.

Exen shrugged.

When Avus realised she was grinning before, she stopped grinning now. She asked him what he meant by that shrug. He told her that his numbers were thinning and he didn’t know why, only that the flytrap monsters had something up their sleeves.

Avus asked how those things could possibly pose a threat? They just have flytraps for heads. That’s less complicated than the corrupt monster.

Oh, I wouldn’t think so-

What do YOU know, huh?

I may know more than you about these flytrap creatures than you’d expect.

You’re in my head. You know what I know and I know what you kno-

Yet you don’t know what I look like.

There was a silent moment between them. The conversation between Exen and Avus had already died off; Exen was typing away into his computer, looking somewhat distressed.

Vussia, I feel like there’s a deal you’re going to propose-

YES! Avus could clearly hear Vussia clapping with pure joy inside her mind. You let me take over, and I’ll share-

Oi, Vussia called out to Avus as she forced her attention away. Don’t you ignore me. I have an offer you WON’T regret. Do you want knowledge, Mr. Avus?

Avus could barely keep her laughter down. Mister? That’s something I haven’t heard of in a long time. Did you assume my gender, Miss Vussia?

It was her turn to laugh, and it was horrible and grating. What a joke. Avus shifted her gaze to see Exen receiving a call. From what she could hear, she knew Exen had to go out again. She could tell there was bad news coming from the way Exen was talking; his tone was strict but reassuring. Or at least, trying to be-



Why, you little-

Exen called out to Avus. She turned to him with relief. He asked her if she could help hunt down the flytrap monsters with him. She asked how long Exen estimated the search would go on for. He said a week.


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