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Welcome to The Lyceum, the first literary guild on Armor Games! The purpose of The Lyceum is to celebrate and support the arts on Armor Games. In the spirit of this mission, The Lyceum and its members will be supporting a poetry contest, with the winner's piece being displayed on the group's official page.

The Contest Rules

-The entered piece must fit the current theme.
-The entered piece must be submitted by the round's deadline.
-The entered piece must be created for the explicit round.
-The Lyceum respects all intellectual property; plagiarism will not be tolerated.
-One submission will be accepted per user.
-A user may not win two rounds in a row. Submissions will still be accepted from said user, however.


In order to ensure the rapid return of results, each round will have two judges: A primary judge, and an alternate. It is the job of the primary judge to post the results within three days of the closure of the round. Should the primary judge be unable to fulfill his duties of judge, the alternate judge shall be tasked with posting the judging until the primary judge can resume his duties.

Should the alternate judge be unable to post the results in a timely fashion, he shall have to find a suitable replacement to post the results, ad infinitum.

Submitting An Entry

All users are welcome to submit an entry for each round, provided it complies with the contest rules. If a user submits multiple pieces, then once piece must be specified for judging.

To join The Lyceum, or to view the current round's winner, please check out The_Lyceum. Good luck, and enjoy!

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