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Hi I just bought a game for $4.95 and saw the only option was paypal.
That's great for taking and and all international transactions...
But since I'm in the USA I was able to pay via Dwolla which has 0 transaction fees on payments under $10, and only 25cents above.

I run a small business so I'm sensitive to paypal/credit card fees and don't particularly like knowing they are getting a slice when I'm paying for something, when cheaper alternatives exist.
In this case, Paypal probably took ~2.9% + 30cents of 4.95 = 44cents with is nearly 9% of the entire payment. Ouch!

Disclaimer: I do NOT work for dwolla, I'm just a huge fan of lower/no fees.

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I doubt if this is likely to happen anytime soon... According to Wikipedia, Dwolla has only 20,000 accounts, while Paypal has 100,000,000+ accounts. So, the game developers are naturally going to go with the obviously more popular method rather then try and appeal to a market of only 20,000.

Even if used as a second option to Paypal, it probably wouldn't generate enough money to even be worth it to the developer to include it.

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