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Hi, I don't know why this site doesn't have a collaboration section when it sponsors flash games but I've been going around to a few sites posting if anyone wants to work with me as a programmer to create a puzzle game involving the refraction of lasers to complete a goal. The main programming is most likely more tedious than complicated and will help to think of interesting ways to make the game more interesting.
Compensation will be 50% of the revenue generated from adds as well as 50% of the sponsorship money.
Examples of what I have put together not counting sprite sheets are here

Please contact me at if interested

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Hi, I don't know why this site doesn't have a collaboration section

Because we don't even have enough people to fill the programming forum with new intelligent content on a regular basis. If we did have one it would be filled people people wanting other people to make games for them without any effort on their part (I've seen this too many times already here).

You also didn't write if you had a game design document for this game idea either. People don't' like making systems on hunches only to have specification change halfway through because someone could not clearly outline thing they wanted.
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