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This thread is a place to discuss quests for Burrito Bison Revenge. Here is a list of the current quests available for this gummy-squishing action game...
The Way the Cookie Crumbles
Beat the crap out of the first opponent!
Hardness: Easy
Let's Pretend the Floor is Lava!
Go through the ravaged arena without touching the ground.
Hardness: Easy
Sweet Impact!
Reach past the sky's limit.
Hardness: Medium
+99 LCK
Smash a lucky gummy in each of the 4 zones.
Hardness: Medium
Robbing the Robbers
Break through the giant safe and retrieve your wallet.
Hardness: Medium
To Infinity and Beyond!
Travel a minimum of 15,000 meters in "Survival" mode.
Hardness: Medium
Power Junkie
Upgrade everything to the max.
Hardness: Hard
Yes, sir!
Complete all missions.
Hardness: Hard

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