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I haven't seen any Hard Difficulty guides guides whatsoever (except for the outdated Warrior guide), so I've decided to make one. We're going to use the Priest class, and here's a quick note: this is probably the only class with which you can go through a No-Death run. I've tried an Assassin (the hardest of all) and a Warrior (I'm still stuck at Warlord Asura), and, out of all three of those, Priest is the way to go. So, let's start!

You might think that Priests with their low health are the weakest, but they actually aren't. Their abilities GREATLY compensate their health rate, so picking the right ones is vital. And they also deal a decent amount of damage, making them more valuable. In addition to everything listed above, their healing abilities are almost OP, helping you to sustain a long battle. Even if you think that Focus regeneration is going to be a problem, it's not, because Intellect passively increases Focus you regenerate, and Meditate will really help you.
I've decided to call my build "Dark Ice Strike", because it mainly involves Ice abilities, but still uses some Shadow abilities. Basically it's just an Intellect based build. I'm sure this is NOT the most efficient one, but probably a good one.

Easy. From the most required to the least:
1. Intellect
2. Vitality
3. Agility
4. Strength

By following this guide you will definitely unlock these:
"Three Times a Charm": Reach level 3
"Mad Blood": Defeat Mad Lord Yuji at the Bandit Hill
"Cold Blood": Defeat the traitor Lord Izumi at the White Forest
"Rescue Operation": Rescue the weaponsmith Shigeru from the Dai'Jin Mines
"Shogun Showdown": Defeat Lord Asura at the Shogun Palace
"A New Beginning": Defeat Lord Kazuro at the Shiroda Fortress

The rest of the quests are "optional", but the ones that are more likely to be completed are:
"Ikura Maki": Eat or drink five things
"Paragon": Upgrade an item. Any item, any upgrade will do!
"Unstoppable force": Deal 500+ damage in a single hit

The preparation stuff is done, so let's start the game!

ZONE 1: Bandit Hill - "Led by Mad Lord Yuji, the outlaws make this hill their home"

Battle Progression:
Stage 1: Bandit Scout
Stage 2: Bandit Scout, Bandit Medic
Stage 3: Bandit Medic, Bandit Guard
Stage 4: Bandit Brute
Stage 5: Bandit Scout, Bandit Medic
Stage 6: Bandit Scout, Bandit Medic, Bandit Guard
Stage 7: Mad Lord Yuji

Ability Progression:
Level 1: None
Level 2: Spirit Barrier (1/2)
Level 3: Meditate (1/2)
Level 4: Shadow Guardian (1/3)
Level 5: Spirit Barrier (2/2)

Bandit Scout: Is this even a battle? Shadow Bolt him two times, and he's gone.

Bandit Scout, Bandit Medic: Easy. Shadow Bolt them for more damage. If you're lucky, you'll get
Medic's Bamboo Staff, a very useful weapon for now. Level 2 Reached!

Bandit Medic, Bandit Guard: A little bit tougher, because the Guard stuns you. Spirit Barrier should help though. Still an easy fight.

Bandit Brute: Easy. Just jump whenever he uses his Deadly Charge. Level 3 Reached! Quest Completed!
P. S. : Now that you have the key, get Lederhosen and equip them.

Bandit Scout, Bandit Medic: Nothing too special, just an upgraded version of one of the previous fights.
P. S. : Get the Crafted Vest from the chest and equip it.

Bandit Scout, Bandit Medic, Bandit Guard: This is the first area to be subdivided into groups of enemies. The Scout is not a big deal. But the rest is tougher, and you might even want to Summon a Shadow to survive! Level 4 Reached!

Mad Lord Yuji: This is a very challenging battle. That's why we have a Summon Shadow ability! Try to avoid taking damage by running and jumping. When you're low on health, use that and Meditate yourself. Damage the Lord if you can. Eventually you'll take him down. Level 5 Reached! Quest Completed!
P. S. : I almost died; luckily, the Shadow was fighting the Lord ATM.

SAFE ZONE 1: Ryomura Village[/u] - "A quiet farming village near the coast"

Here you can buy some food/equipment. Food is not that important because enemies can drop it, but equipment is. Enter the shop with the "sword" on top and "speak" to Xin the Shield. Definitely get this:

Dark Mask (+10 Int, +7 Agi, +5 Vit)

If you have more money, get some of these:

Leather Crest (if you didn't gen Bandit Armour) (+6 Def, +6 Int, +6 Agi, +5 Vit)

Muted Leggings (+5 Def, +5 Int, +6 Agi, +6 Vit)

Ryomura Mitt (+4 Def, +5 Int, +6 Agi)

[b]Side Quests
This area has the most of all the side quests in the game.

SQ 1: Bring the Lineage Scroll (Location: The White Forest) to Sutaku the Grey
Reward: Ice (+ 39 Dmg, +11 Str)

SQ 2: Bring a Ghost Mushroom (Location: Random Mob Drop in Burial Grounds) to Aoi the Gourmet
Reward: Lightning Grips (+8 Int, +17 Agi, + Reflex Effect)

SQ 3: Bring Wine (Location: Buy from Karl Frederick in The Emerald Temple) to Baru the Drunk
Reward: Lucky Cat Amulet (+ 8 Int, +8 Vit, + Lucky Effect)

SQ 4: Bring Izumi Bottled Water (Location: a secret behind-the-bamboo area in The White Forest) to Eiji the Alchemist
Reward: Enhanced Water (Buff: Better Person)

SQ 5 (sort of): Talk to Setsuko the Cook
Reward: Rice Ball (Buff: Vitality Boost)

The village is done, the new adventure awaits!

ZONE 2: The White Forest - "A cold and desolate place where an Imperial traitor has run to hide"

Battle Progression:
Stage 1: Izumi Warrior
Stage 2: Izumi Warrior, Izumi Healer
Stage 3: Izumi Assassin, Izumi Healer x2
Stage 4: Retainer Goro
Stage 5: Izumi Elite
Stage 6: Izumi Assassin, Izumi Warrior
Stage 7: Izumi Assassin, Izumi Healer, Izumi Elite
Stage 8: Izumi Elite, Izumi Healer
Stage 9: Warlord Izumi

Ability Progression:
Level 6: Meditate (2/2)
Level 7: Blink (1/2)
Level 8: Frost Spikes (1/3)

Izumi Warrior: Easy. You can just simply Shadow Bolt him.

Izumi Warrior, Izumi Healer: Without a Shadow, you're dead. So Shadow Bolt the warrior and then Summon a Shadow. Meditate to recover health and focus. Kill the Warrior first, then the Healer. If the Healer drops her Bo, equip it. If you're even luckier, equip your first trinket: Frost Figurine (+6 Int, +10 Fcs).

Izumi Assassin, Izumi Healer x2: Not very hard. An Assassin might deal quite a bit of damage, so Summon a Shadow and Meditate if you need to. Use the strategy to beat the Healers. Level 6 Reached!

Retainer Goro: Pretty easy. Distract him with a Shadow and shoot him to death. Really. That's all you need.

Izumi Elite: Again, easy. Warning: he can stun you. Be careful. Shadow+Bolt=Win.
P. S. : Also check out the bamboo - there's an area with a well (use your bottle) and a Crystal (obtainable only after visiting The Emerald Temple/Dai'Jin Mines).

Izumi Assassin, Izumi Warrior: Medium-Difficulty area. Use the Shadow, Meditate if you need to, shoot'em to death. Enter the house - there's a chest with a Lineage Scroll (Quest Item).

Izumi Assassin, Izumi Healer, Izumi Elite: Not very hard. Lure the Assassin and take him out with a Shadow, then switch to the Healer. After that, kill the Elite using the methods above.
P. S. : There are two secret areas: the second door that contains Izumi Sabatons (+3 Def, +3 Str, +5 Agi, +4 Vit) and the "double-jump" stage at the end - Kabuki Mask (+20 Intellect, +Madness Effect). Level 7 Reached!

Izumi Elite, Izumi Healer: Even if a Healer shoots you while you're taking the Elite out, it's not a big deal (always summon Shadows). Still a pretty easy fight.

Warlord Izumi: Not a hard fight. This is where Blink comes in handy: you can avoid his Spectral Dash and evade his attacks. Overall, use the previous strategy, but with Blink. I'm sure he'll die pretty quickly. Level 8 Reached! Quest Completed!
P. S. : Use the key dropped by Izumi to open a chest - there's a decent Frost Katana (+17 Dmg, +17 Agi, + Cold Strike Effect).

ZONE 3: Burial Grounds - "A resting place for many fallen Samurai. Many believe it to be haunted"

Battle Progression:
Stage 1: Niroshi Hunter
Stage 2: Niroshi Warrior, Niroshi Slave x2, Niroshi Shaman
Stage 3: Niroshi Hunter, Niroshi Warrior
Stage 4: Niroshi Elite
Stage 5: Daichi the Retainer
Stage 6: Niroshi Elite
Stage 7: Niroshi Slave x2, Niroshi Warrior, Niroshi Shaman
Stage 8: Niroshi Warrior, Niroshi Shaman x2, Niroshi Elite
Stage 9: Niroshi Hunter, Niroshi Shaman
Stage 10: Warlord Niroshi

Ability Progression:
Level 9: Summon Shadow (2/3)
Level 10: Blink (2/2)
Level 11: Frost Spikes (2/3)

Niroshi Hunter: Easy. If you want to feel safe, Summon a Shadow. Tip: If you want to quickly heal up and recover Focus, do the "Chicken Escape" combo: Frost Spikes-Blink-Meditate.

Niroshi Warrior, Niroshi Slave x2, Niroshi Shaman: The Warrior is your first enemy, and he deals quite a bit of damage. "Chicken Escape" if you need to, and definitely Summon a Shadow. Use the same strategy for the Slaves and the Shaman.
P. S. : Shamans sometimes drop their Spellblades. A pair of those will give you a nice "weapon".

Niroshi Hunter, Niroshi Warrior: A very tough battle. You might even die! Again, "Chicken Escape", Summon a Shadow and try to kill them ASAP. This is also probably the first battle where you might have to use your Potion!
P. S. : I miss the days when you could eat during combat.

Niroshi Elite: Not a very hard one, compared to the previous battle. Just use the same strategy and you'll be fine. Be careful: his castable Strike deals a lot of damage. Avoid it if you can.

Daichi the Retainer: Not a tough battle. He has the ability to turn invisible and stun you, which is pretty annoying, but, with your Shadow and Frost Spikes, it's not going to be a problem. Level 9 Reached!

Niroshi Elite: Another one! Do you remember the pattern?

Niroshi Slave x2, Niroshi Warrior, Niroshi Shaman: Pretty easy. A Shadow will distract all the enemies, while you're healing up and damaging them. Same with the Shaman.
P. S. : My Shadow was dumb enough to attract the Shaman when I was about to recover Health and Focus.
P. P. S. : There's a Cloak of Night in a room berind the door - a good Chest piece for you (but don't equip it if you have Bandit Armour).

Niroshi Warrior, Niroshi Shaman x2, Niroshi Elite: Not a hard one. This is the first area where you find enemies in houses/bonus stages. The Warrior is not a big of a deal. The Shaman in the house is also no-problemo. The rest though is tougher. Immediately Summon a Shadow and keep using the same strategy. Eventually you'll kill them both.

Niroshi Hunter, Niroshi Shaman: Tough, but doable. Another battle where a Potion might save your life. Keep using the "Chicken Escape" combo and do not forget to heal up. Be wary of the Hunter's Kunai - it deals a lot of damage, and Shaman's Shadow Lock is pretty annoying.

Warlord Niroshi: It's a tricky fight. If you don't take out the Fighters first, you're dead. Luckily, we also have the skills of necromancy! Summon as many Shadows as you can, keep hitting them, and THEN switch to the Warlord. Another bad thing is that we don't have ANY stunning/interrupting abilities, so we should deal with all the Risen Fighters. Eventually you'll defeat Niroshi. Level 11 Reached!
P. S. : If you're lucky, you'll get his Illusion Bo (+11 Dmg, +7 Def, + 16 Int, +9 Agi, + Trance Effect), which is really good!

Phew, that adventure was tense. It looks like we have to rest a little bit...

SAFE ZONE 2: The Emerald Temple - "A sanctuary well hidden in the mountains"

This area is pretty important. The big thing is Karl Frederick's shop: there're some vital items you should buy:

Woven Vest (+24 Int, +8 Vit)

Woven Pants (+20 Int, +6 Agi, +8 Vit)

European Wine (Buff: Tipsy) (This is required for completing the Wine quest at Ryomura Village)

Shady Ursa also sells a bunch of stuff that you'd like to get:

Sinister Shako (+5 Def, +17 Agi, +12 Int, +7 Vit)

Dark Palm (+14 Int, +11 Agi, +6 Vit)

Rapid Suneate (+11 Int, +12 Agi, +8 Vit)

And check out his chest - there's a Shadow Gem you can further use to upgrade an item.

If you want, you can buy a Crab Claw (Buff: Intellect Boost) and give it to Toshi Saru (the spy) at Dai'Jin Mines and talk to him.

Side Quests:
SQ 1: Bring Venomwood Toxin (Location: Cauldron in Venomwood Forest) to Alchemist Keito
Reward: Acidic Blade (+30 Dmg, +9 Int, +14 Agi, + Toxicity Effect)

SQ 2 (do not complete this one before finishing "The Final Hour" quest) : Bring Fancy Robes (Location: Second door at Shogun Palace) to Noble Saburo
Reward: Amulet of Focus (+20 Int, +30 Fcs) + 150 Gold

After completing Dai'Jin Mines you'll get access to weaponsmith Shigeru: he has the ability to upgrade your items. Here's the list of all the upgrades available in the game:

Gold (Upgrade Rate: 1)

Shadow Gem (Upgrade Rate: 2, Bonus Effect: +3% Cooldown Reduction)

Crystal (Upgrade Rate: 2, Bonus Effect: +1% Critical Strike Chance)

Emerald (Upgrade Rate: 2, Bonus Effect: +5% Vitality, +5% Healing Received)

Ruby (Expansion Pack Only) (Upgrade Rate: 2, Bonus Effect: +2% Damage)

Very well rested - adventure time!

ZONE 4: Dai'Jin Mines - "A mountainous area rich in metals. Also the stronghold of the Dai'Jin family"

Battle Progression:
Stage 1: Dai'Jin Worker x2
Stage 2: Dai'Jin Worker, Dai'Jin Healer, Dai'Jin Ranger
Stage 3: Dai'Jin Berserker, Dai'Jin Worker, Dai'Jin Ranger
Stage 4: Dai'Jin Worker, Dai'Jin Berserker, Dai'Jin Healer, Dai'Jin Ranger
Stage 5: Lady Akari
Stage 6: Dai'Jin Immortal
Stage 7: Dai'Jin Berserker, Dai'Jin Healer
Stage 8: Dai'Jin Immortal
Stage 9: Dai'Jin Ranger, Dai'Jin Berserker
Stage 10: Lord Dai'Jin

Ability Progression:
Level 12: Summon Shadow (3/3)
Level 13: Frost Spikes (3/3)

Dai'Jin Worker x2: Easy. You can just keep Shadow Bolting them, and you'll still be OK.

Dai'Jin Worker, Dai'Jin Healer, Dai'Jin Ranger: Another easy fight. Frost Spikes-Summon Shadow-Shadow Bolt.
P. S. : This is where you can complete this quest:

"A Tragic Slip": Kill an enemy by dropping them onto the spikes at the Dai'Jin Mines

However, this is not the only area with spikes, so be careful!

Dai'Jin Berserker, Dai'Jin Worker, Dai'Jin Ranger: Pretty easy. Alone, a Berserker is not a big deal (even though his castable strike and Rage are quite deadly together), so just Summon a Shadow, Frost Spike him and he's dead. Same with the Worker and the Ranger.
P. S. : Behind a door, there's Toshi Saru (the spy). If you have a Crab Claw, talk to him. There's also a Mining Pick in a chest, so you can mine Gold at the previous stage.

Dai'Jin Worker, Dai'Jin Berserker, Dai'Jin Healer, Dai'Jin Ranger: Not a hard one. Again, use Frost Spikes, Summon Shadows and Shadow Bolt enemies. It's a little bit trickier with the rest: take out both the Healer and the Ranger from range, or you might fall to your death (I mean, spikes).

Lady Akari: Very easy. Stay a little bit away from her and follow the pattern: Frost Spikes-Jump-Shadow Bolt-Jump-Meditate-Jump-Repeat. Jumping will help you to avoid her Fireballs. If you're really lucky, you'll get her Spear - a very good weapon w/ Fire Jailor Effect.

Dai'Jin Immortal: He's definitely mortal, do not be afraid. The reason why he's "immortal" is his healing ability that heals him for 100% of his Health. Just cast a bunch of Shadows and let him take multiple packets of damage. Level 12 Recahed!
P. S. : Do not forget there're spikes, so push him if you can.

Dai'Jin Berserker, Dai'Jin Healer x2, Dai'Jin Ranger: Pretty easy. Let the Shadow distract the Berserker while you're taking out the Healer, then switch. Do the same thing with the rest of the enemies.
P. S. : There's a chest which you can reach via Blinking - it contains Boots of Discovery (+8 Int, +4 Agi+5 Vit). However, if you have Rapid Suneate, you can freely sell those.

Dai'Jin Immortal: Same as the previous one, nothing's changed except for the spikes.

Dai'Jin Ranger, Dai'Jin Berserker: A tricky fight. Now the Ranger's Kunai (both throwable and castable) deal tons of damage, so take him out first. Before that, distrack the Berserker with a Shadow, then switch. Should not be very hard though.

Lord Dai'Jin: A pretty easy boss fight. Tip: Don't even think of Summoning a Shadow because of his Reactive Shield. Instead, pace your attacks: watch his Reactive Shield. If it's gone, attack again. If he tries to "nuke" you, Blink. Do not forget to heal up and recover Focus. Eventually you'll defeat him.
Follow the next stage. You'll find Shigeru. Talk to him. Level 13 Reached! Quest Completed!

ZONE 5: The Venomwoods - "Deadly poison is manufactured and exported from these gloomy woods"

Battle Progression:
Stage 1: Venom Retainer
Stage 2: Venom Rogue
Stage 3: Venom Caster x2
Stage 4: Venomwood Worker x2, Venom Retainer
Stage 5: Ryota the Sly
Stage 6: Venomwood Worker, Venom Caster
Stage 7: Venom Rogue, Venomwood Worker, Venom Caster, Venom Retainer
Stage 8: Venom Rogue, Venom Caster
Stage 9: Venom Rogue, Venom Retainer
Stage 10: Venom Rogue, Lord Takeshi

Ability Progression:
Level 14: Soul Shatter

Venom Retainer: Easy. Summon a Shadow to distract and finish him.

Venom Rogue: A rough one. He can turn invisible and stun you, so be careful. He's also the guy who poisons. Again, distract with a Shadow and take him out.

Venom Caster x2: A little bit tougher. Their Poison balls leave a Poison cloud which damages you if you're inside, so try to take them out from range and NOT hitting their projectiles. Summon a Shadow if you need to.
P. S. : They can drop their Venom Staffs, which are VERY good for you.

Venomwood Worker x2, Venom Retainer: Easy. Take out the Worker, then the rest of the enemies. A Shadow might come in handy, and Frost Spikes deal a lot of damage. Should not be hard.

Ryota the Sly: Easy. Unlike other classes, you can avoid his Poison Spike with ease (Blink). Tip: he's the first enemy with Sanctity effect, which heals him over time. Remember that Shadow Bolts can leave Void Burn that deals damage over time. You'll use this tip while fighting Lord Takeshi.
P. S. : If you did bring a bottle, collect Poison from the cauldron to complete a Side Quest.

Venomwood Worker, Venom Caster: Nothing too special. Spikes-Shadow-Bolts. Dumb tip: there seems to be an A. I. issue: if a Venom Caster shoots her Poison ball through a wall, it cannot do it (but you can), so you can easily take her out like that.

Venom Rogue, Venomwood Worker, Venom Caster, Venom Retainer: Simple. Summon a Shadow to distract the enemies, then quickly take them out. Same with the rest. Reminder: avoid the Poison balls, and you'll be fine.
P. S. : There's a chest with Venom Hold gloves (+4 Def, +17 Str, +6 Vit). However, we're not Warriors.

Venom Rogue, Venom Caster: A tough battle. Because of thr Rogue's Stealthy stuns and the Caster's Poison balls, it's pretty challenging, so distract them with a Shadow and slow them down with your Spikes. Healing is very important. But it's doable.

Venom Rogue, Venom Retainer: Well, this one is actually easier! Do the same thing : distract and run/attack/heal. Not very tough.

Venom Rogue, Lord Takeshi: Well, you don't have to fight the Rogue. Another easy boss fight (suck it, Warriors!)! The distraction technique comes in handy again - by doing this you'll be able to constantly deal damage, which interferes with Takeshi's Sanctity. Be wary of his Poison Cloud - it's deadly. Also avoid his melee attacks - they inflict poison. Should not be very hard.

ZONE 6: The Shogun Palace - "The base of operations of the Shogun Lords on the island"

Battle Progression:
Stage 1: Shogun Retainer
Stage 2: Shogun Peon x2, Shogun Assassin
Stage 3: Shogun Peon, Shogun Mage
Stage 4: Shogun Peon x2, Shogun Retainer
Stage 5: Haddaku the Swift
Stage 6: Shogun Peon, Shogun Assassin
Stage 7: Shogun Mage x2
Stage 8: Shogun Assassin, Shogun Mage
Bonus Stage
Stage 9: Shogun Peon, Shogun Assassin, Shogun Retainer, Shogun Mage x2
Stage 10: Kazuro, Warlord Asura

Ability Progression:
Level 15: Logic (1/3)
Level 16: Energy Field (delete your Strike)

Shogun Retainer: Pretty easy. Watch out for his Thorns and Blood Mirror, which might even kill you. Overall, just Summon a Shadow. Remember that your Soul Shatter deals quite a bit of damage. Nothing too special.

Shogun Peon x2, Shogun Assassin: The first ones are not even a challenge. Just damage them. The Assassin is tougher though. He can stun you and deal good damage, so distract and damage him. Still pretty simple.

Shogun Peon, Shogun Mage: Easy enough. The mage can cast a Spirit Blade that totally drains your Focus, which is pretty annoying. But a Shadow and the rest of your abilities will do the trick.
Shogun Peon x2, Shogun Retainer: Not very hard. Do not forget about the Warrior's reflective abilities. Summon a Shadow to feel safe.

Haddaku the Swift: This guy really deals damage, and you won't survive without a Shadow. He can also create an invulnerable copy of himself, which can really ruin the fight. Keep using the "Chicken Escape" combo and you'll take him down!

Shogun Peon, Shogun Assassin: Nothing too special, just an upgraded version of one of the previous fights. Sae strategy as always.

Shogun Mage x2: Two Focus disrupters - double trouble. Not really though. But their Fireballs deal quite a bit of damage, so turn your Shadow into a cover. Shouldn't be very hard though.

Shogun Assassin, Shogun Mage: Not very hard. Although both the Assassin and the Mage deal a lot of damage, your Shadows and Spikes will really help you out. It's doable.
P. S. : To enter the Bonus Stage, enter the second door.

Bonus Stage: You definitely cannot fight all those guys, so Blink above their heads twice and grab the loot (you don't even have to buy any Shadow Potions!)! It has Fancy Robes (as I said, don't give this to Noble Saburo before finishing "The Fnal Hour" quest) (+55 Int, +20 Fcs, + Lucky Effect) and Shogun Flame Bo (+81 Dmg, +28 Def, +28 Int, + Fire Jailor Effect). Equip those. Escape by Blinking.

Shogun Peon, Shogun Assassin, Shogun Retainer, Shogun Mage x2: Challenging. The first ones are not hard - distracting those won't be a problem, and "Chicken Escaping" will save your life. However, the second ones are WAY harder (especially if a Fireball crits), so keep to the strategy and you'll defeat them. Level 16 Reached!
P. S. : There's a house. Enter it. Kill a buggy Mage (that's because he starts a wall jump loop, which makes him totally vulnerable) and grab Conqueror's Crown (+6 Def, +35 Str, +11 Vit) from the chest.

Kazuro, Warlord Asura: You're not going to fight Kazuro yet. I've turned into a dumb*eating noise* and have completely forgotten to put Energy Field into my Ability Bar (that's why the battle was long and hard for me). You should though. This guy is strong, so Shadow decoys are important. His "rushy" ability increases his movement speed AND his damage, so be VERY careful. Sometimes he also stuns himself and regenerates health over time, giving you the time to recover and attack. Whenever you're low on Focus, Energy Field Asura and Soul Shatter him after the Field is over. Keep doing this and you'll win!

"The campaign is finished!" Let's follow the map and have a rest at the...

SAFE ZONE 3: The Fallen Village - "A secret village and the hiding place of the Old King"

The shops here are the most important ones. First, visit Weaponsmith Chigusa and buy:

Spectral Scythe (+ 40 Dmg, +110 Int, +40 Agi)

Upgrade this with any Component (I always upgrade this with a Crystal, because it's pretty much worthless), and you'll be fine!

Between a tent and Armorsmith Tentei, there's a chest with an Emerald. Upgrade your Fancy Robes with this.

Also buy these items from Tentei:

Mask of Shadow (+11 Str, +36 Agi, +16 Vit)

Grips of Shadow (+6 Def, +20 Int, +11 Agi, +7 Vit)

Leggings of Shadow (+ 23 Int, +38 Agi, +16 Vit)

Walk of Shadow (+9 Def, +16 Int, +11 Agi, +7 Vit)

Together, you'll get the best Intellect based suite.

Side Quests:
SQ 1: Bring Exotic Spices (Location: Buy from Karl Frederick in The Emerald Temple) to Chef Shuji
Reward: Emerald

SQ 2: Bring Haruki Doll (Location: Haruki Residence) to Pazu the Collector
Reward: Paku's Glass Doll (+7 Vit, +30 Fcs, + Trance Effect)

SQ 3 (sort of) : Bring Naga Eye (Location: Ishisan Castle) (+24 Int, +30 Fcs, + Trance Effect) to Beastmaster Naoko
Reward: Nothing

Geared up? It's time!

ZONE 7: Haruki Residence - "A quiet and peaceful castle of the Haruki family"

Battle Progression:
Stage 1: Haruki Peon x2
Stage 2: Haruki Assassin
Stage 3: Haruki Retainer
Stage 4: Daisuke the Noble
Stage 5: Haruki Peon, Haruki Assassin
Stage 6: Haruki Assassin, Haruki Retainer
Stage 7: Haruki Peon, Haruki Retainer, Haruki Assassin, Haruki Priest
Stage 8: Haruki Retainer, Haruki Priest
Stage 9: Lord Tetsuo

Ability Progression:
Level 17: Insight (1/3)
Level 18: Logic (2/3)

Haruki Peon x2: Easy. Just smack them and it's over. Even their Shields is not a big deal.

Haruki Assassin: Easy again. Summon a Shadow for safety and keep damaging him.

Haruki Retainer: If you still remember Niroshi Hunters, this Retainer has the ability to cast three stacked Defense-like buffs which protect him from damage (after you hit him once, one of those stacked abilities disappears). Stunning is also annoying. As always, Summon a Shadow for distraction and keep damaging him.

Haruki Peon, Haruki Priest: Easy, no? The Peon is not a big deal, the Priest though is tougher - she can Shadow Lock you (back to Niroshi Shamans) and cast an Energy Field to freeze you. Locate her field and don't step into it. Overall, it's not hard - Shadows for distraction and damage.

Daisuke the Noble: This guy can cast an "upgraded" version of the Retainer's Shield-like ability (five-stacked instead of three) and Deadly Charges you (and deals lots of damage). As always, use your Shadows to wear off his shield, avoid his Deadly Charge and you'll be fine.
P. S. : Sometimes he drops his Snowfall sword, which is really good for Warriors.

Haruki Peon, Haruki Assassin: Slightly tough. The Peon is not, the Assassin is. Turns out the Assassins have a move that interrupts casting - it's powerful and annoying. If you're REALLY in trouble, Energy Field him, Meditate and Soul Shatter (let's call it "Recovery Trap" combo)him. Shadows will also come in handy.

Haruki Assassin, Haruki Retainer: Together, those guys might punch you to death, so Summon a Shadow and recover/attack them. "Recovery Trap" if you need to. Keep following the strategy and you'll win!
P. S. : Get Blessed Chain (+13 Def, +19 Vit, + Life Link Effect) from the chest and equip it - this is your trinket of choice for the rest of the game! Upgrade this with an Emerald as soon as you're done with this area.

Haruki Peon, Haruki Retainer, Haruki Assassin, Haruki Priest: Not very hard. Now the Peon's Shield IS a big deal. Especially with the Retainer's Heal. Again, Shadows, Recovery Trap, Spikes. Same with the rest of the enemies. Still a relatively easy stage.

Haruki Retainer, Haruki Priest: Nothing too special. To make it easier, you can lure the Retainer first and take him out, and then swithc to the Priest. Use the same strategy. Level 18 Reached!
P. S. : Check out the chest - it has Snow Silk Leggings (+27 Int, +27 Agi, + 14 Vit, + Reflex Effect), which are perfect for you!

Lord Tetsuo: This guy is tough. Be careful - his Spirit Blade will OHKO you, so Blink/Summon a Shadow to avoid this one. You'll also be using the "Recovery Trap" combo a lot, because he hits pretty hard. Keep an eye on his Healing move (do you remember Warlord Izumi?), which heals him pretty good. Keep it to the strategy and he'll die!
P. S. : Raid the chest in the next stage - it contains Haruki Doll (quest item).

Our adventure is not over - we have two castles yet to explore!
ZONE 8: Ichisan Castle - "A dark and mysterious castle in the Ichisan region"

Battle Progression:
Stage 1: Ichisan Rogue
Stage 2: Ichisan Worker, Ichisan Priest
Stage 3: Ichisan Warrior
Stage 4: Ichisan Rogue, Ichisan Worker
Stage 5: Kazuro, Ichisan Retainer
Stage 6: Ichisan Rogue, Ichisan Priest
Stage 7: Ichisan Warrior, Ichisan Worker
Stage 8: Ichisan Rogue x2, Ichisan Priest x2
Stage 9: Ichisan Warrior, Ichisan Priest
Stage 10: Kasumi

Ability Progression:
Level 19: Insight (2/3)
Level 20: Insight (3/3)

Ichisan Rogue: The first Assassin who uses Shurikens. Not a very hard fight though. Just keep it to the strategy.

Ichisan Worker, Ichisan Priest: Beware the Priest! His orange shield turns him into a Death Machine. Although, if you hit him while the shield is active, he'll be stunned. A Shadow is definitely required. The Worker is not a problem at all. Be careful, and you'll survive.

Ichisan Warrior: This guy starts using Shockwave and Blood Mirror, be careful! "Recovery Trap" will come in handy, so the Shadows. Overall, it's not too tough.
P. S. : There's a chest that contains Obsidian Kunai (+50 Dmg, +34 Agi, + Precision Effect), which is awesome for Assassins.

Ichisan Rogue, Ichisan Worker: Not very hard. The Worker's Tranquil might be annoying, but your damage and the Shadow will do the trick.

Kazuro, Ichisan Retainer: You're not going to fight Kazuro yet. The Retainer is tough though. He has a both deadly and helpful buff (hitting the Retainer multiple times will cause this buff to stack) which increases his damage being dealt/received. This makes his Deadly Charge REALLY powerful. However, back to Dai'Jin Mines, its Immortal has a healing ability that restores 100% Health. So does the Retainer, so "Recovery Trap" is going to be very useful. If you're careful, it's not going to be VERY tough.

Ichisan Rogue, Ichisan Priest: Insanity is this battle. And some of the following ones. Considering the Priest's Shield and his ability to Blink from you + the Rogue's damage... "Recovery Trap" is vital, Shadows are vital. Use all the comboes and let the Shadow distract the Rogue while you're taking the Priest down (he's more dangerous than the Rogue). Tough, but doable.
P. S. : The chest above contains Lunar Shako (+18 Int, +30 Agi, +13 Vit, + Solidarity Effect). You may as well equip this one instead of the Mask, but Vitality is more important for now, so leave the Mask.

Ichisan Warrior, Ichisan Worker: Not very challenging. Take out the Worker first, then the Warrior. "Recovery Trap", Shadows, etc. Definitely doable.

Ichisan Rogue x3, Ichisan Priest x2: IN. SANE. First, distract the Rogue by a Shadow and damage the Priest. Whenever he starts casting his OP Shield, "Recovery Trap" him. Kill him ASAP, then the Rogue. Same with the second couple. Level 20 Reached!
P. S. : In the house, there's a chest guarded by a Rogue. Kill him and get Naga Eye (+24 Int, +30 Fcs, + Trance Effect) (quest item), which is REALLY good for you. But Blessed Chain is better.

Ichisan Warrior, Ichisan Priest: WAY more insane than the previous stage. If you don't take out at least one of those, you're DEAD (try the Priest first, then the Warrior)! But at least you can equip your Spectral Scythe. ALWAYS "Recovery Trap" them, ALWAYS create Shadow decoys, ALWAYS hit the Priest when he has his Shield on. They deal tons of damage. This will probably take a few tries, but you'll get this one! I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Kasumi: A relaxing boss fight after all those nightmares. Even with her healing teleportation, even with her flame shuriken, even with her Blade Storm, she's WAY easier than the guards. Just "Recovery Trap" her if you need to, Summon Shadows - and that's it! Who's the best Shinobi in the Empire NOW?
P. S. : If you DID get her Cover of the Mist (+20 Int, +30 Agi, +27 Vit, + Destroyer Effect), Equip this one.

Oh, there's only one left! Ready?

ZONE 9: Shiroda Fortress - "Believed to be the hidden stronghold of Kazuro"

Battle Progression:
Stage 1: Shiroda Assassin
Stage 2: Shiroda Samurai
Stage 3: Shiroda Worker, Shiroda Assassin
Stage 4: Shiroda Worker x2, Shiroda Samurai, Shiroda Assassin x2
Stage 5: Shiroda Priest:
Stage 6: Lady Shiori
Stage 7: Shiroda Samurai
Stage 8: Mistwalker x3
Stage 9: Shiroda Worker, Shiroda Priest
Stage 10: Shiroda Samurai, Shiroda Worker, Mistwalker
Stage 11: Kazuro

Ability Progression:

Shiroda Assassin: Not hard. Just Summon some Shadows and damage her.

Shiroda Samurai: Not a big deal either. Watch out for his Blood Mirror and Deadly Charge though. "Recovery Trap" him if you need to.

Shiroda Worker, Shiroda Assassin: Same as the first one, except the Worker dies in one Soul Shatter.
Shiroda Worker x2, Shiroda Samurai, Shiroda Assassin x2: Not very hard (compared to the previous area's enemies). "Recovery Trap", Summon Shadows, Spkes & Bolts. Same for the rest.
P. S. : Enter the house, kill the Assassin and get Viper Kusari (+59 Dmg, +9 Def, +16 Agi, + Toxicity Effect). If you combine this with Obsidian Kunai, you'll get the best "weapon" for an Assassin!

Shiroda Priest: I hate them. They're basically a combination of Lord Tetsuo (deadly Spirit Blade), Shogun Mage (projectiles that deal damage and drain your Focus) and Warlord Niroshi (Summon Shadow). But you CAN kill her with ease if you distract her with Shadows and attack her from behind. Don't forget to "Recovery Trap" her. Follow these and she'll fall!

Lady Shiori: A real pain in the *eating noise*. But even this mini-boss (who's more of a real boss than Kazuro) can be defeated. Whenever she casts her Serpent's Gaze, turn away. When she starts Poison balling you, stay below her (close) and run left-right-repeat. If you're DEFINITELY sure that her hits you, Blink away. A Shadow decoy might be useful during the acid rain, because she'll be aiming at him, not at you. Do not forget to "Recovery Trap" her. Eventually you'll get her! I BELIEVE IN YOU!
P. S. : If you didn't buy the Expansion Pack, Jadefire (+50 Dmg, +117 Int, +30 Agi, + Destroyer Effect (Good Quality)) is the best Int weapon you can get. Just upgrade it!

Shiroda Samurai: Nothing too special. You've already fought one.
P. S. : Grab Ashen Bulwark (+26 Def, +26 Str, +10 Agi, +26 Vit, + Tank Effect) from the chest, it's an OP item for a Warrior.

Mistwalker x3: Very easy. Everyone is separated, so do the combo: Soul Shatter-Frost Spike-(if the rest didn't kill them)Shadow Bolt(probably two or three times). Make sure that you have full Focus before taking out the next one.

Shiroda Worker, Shiroda Priest: The Worker makes the battle harder (thank God it's not someone else), so kill him, then get away from the Priest so that she doesn't attack you, then repeat the previous battle's strategy. "Recovery Trap" is your most powerful combo.

Shiroda Samurai, Shiroda Worker, Mistwalker: Nothing too special. Just avoid the Warrior's Blood Mirror and Deadly Charge. Mistwalker is also not a big deal - jusr repeat your combo: Soul Shatter-Frost Spikes-Shadow Bolt x2.
P. S. : Get Boots of Grief (+28 Dmg, +16 Agi, +8 Vit) from the chest - an ideal pair for an Assassin.

Kazuro: Are you ready for this? The final boss, here he is! The moment of truth! Erm... *ahem*. First of all, he can cast his "Shadow Puppet" ability that suspends him in mid-air and makes him invulnerable. More than that, it also creates your copy that fights against you. A Shadow will probably cope with it. Next, he can cast a Shockwave-like nuke that deals tons of damage and stuns you, so avoid it by Blinking or let your Shadow hit one. Finally, he sometimes turns into Warlord Asura and stuns himself for health regeneration. This gives you an excellent moment to heal up/damage him. To make it even more efficient, use your "Recovery Trap" combo. Be careful: even his normal attacks deal tons of damage. Eventually you'll tear his wits apart and he'll fall down!

CONGRATULATIONS! You've completed Sinjid on Hard Difficulty! But we still need something else, right?

Note: this part of the walkthrough is for Premium owners only.

SAFE ZONE 4: The Crow's Nest - "A mysterious port town on the far eastern side of the island"

This is where things become bigger. The shops here are the most important ones. Visit the Crow's Dojo and enter the door at the far left end of the room. First, trade with Benjirou and buy this:

Eternal Bo (+77 Dmg, +114 Def, +151 Int, +39 Vit, + Alleviation Effect)

Do not forget to upgrade it with something (I use Rubies, because it makes sense)!

Remember that you can always buy Components for later upgrades!

Kyoji the Smith has the best armor set for the Priest. These items are:

Divine Cover (+79 Int, +18 Agi, +18 Vit, + Trance Effect)

Divine Cuirass (+27 Def, +39 Int, +33 Agi, +33 Vit)

Divine Leggings (+13 Def, +36 Int, +42 Agi, +30 Vit)

Divine Gloves (+19 Def, +43 Int, +12 Agi)

Divine Boots (+12 Def, +43 Int, +19 Vit)

However, you are unable to buy it ATM, so buy one (either the Cover or the Cuirass).

Want to proceed? Talk to Katai and head to...

ZONE 10: The Throne of Flame - "The Ataki clan who live here are said to be the masters of fire"

Battle Progression:
Stage 1: Ataki Peon x3
Stage 2: Ataki Warrior
Stage 3: Ataki Mage
Stage 4: Ataki Rogue
Stage 5: Magmaru
Stage 6: Ataki Warrior
Stage 7: Ataki Peon, Ataki Rogue
Stage 8: Ataki Peon x2, Ataki Warrior, Ataki Rogue, Ataki Priest x2
Stage 9: Lady Kyori
stage 10: Ataki Peon, Ataki Warrior
Stage 11: Ataki Warrior, Ataki Rogue
Stage 12: Ataki Rogue x2, Ataki Mage x2, Ataki Warrior
Stage 13: Ataki Rogue, Ataki Mage
Stage 14: Lord Yamoto, Ataki Adept x2

Ability Progression:
Bonus Skill Points: Logic 3/3, Dark Intensions 1/3
Level 21: Dark Intentions 2/3
Level 22: Dark Intentions 3/3

Ataki Peon x3: Not even a challenge. Just Shadow Bolt each one twice and they're gone.

Ataki Warrior: Watch out for his castable strike, it hurts! Also try not to let him heal himself. Still not that hard.

P. S. : Mine a Ruby right next to him.

Ataki Mage: Oh, these guys... Their Slow cast is so annoying, because it decreases your speed by 65% (and if you're a Warrior with Heavy Armor and Tank, it's devastating). At the very least you can dispel it by using Meditate. Fireballs are quite slow, but they hurt. Do you remember Lady Akari? The armor they drop is also perfect for Priests.

P. S. : There's 500 Gold and Arcane Blade (+25 Dmg, +48 Def, +48 Vit, + Alleviation Effect). If you really need Vitality, grab this one.

Ataki Rogue: Just as stealthy as Shiroda Assassins. The main thing is that they turn invisible and mini-stun you afterwards, which is pretty annoying. And - surprise! - they can use Potions, but they don't really help them. Easy though.

Magmaru: If you're not careful, you might die. The main concern is his Charge-like attack that significantly damages you, but this is the way you kill him. His Magma Plate (damage reduction: -85%) doesn't allow you to kill him as usual, so let him hit you OR a Shadow (the last one is more likely to use) and he gains his Exhausted (damage received: +1000%, also stunned), giving you the time to attack and recover. Just use your previous combos (if you need to) and he's down!

Ataki Warrior: Nothing too significant, the same enemy with the same skils.

Ataki Peon, Ataki Rogue: Not very hard. Just keep it to your skills and they're dead.

P. S. : Mine a Ruby right next to them.

Ataki Peon x2, Ataki Warrior, Ataki Rogue, Ataki Priest x2: Nothing too special, just a couple of the same enemies. Watch out for the Priests though, Slow and Fireball might end the game.

P. S. : If you go past the Peon and the Rogue, there's a house with a chest that contains Governor's Hat (+77 Int). I think this should be a Side Quest Item. Also don't forget to pick up 500 Gold from the outside.

Lady Kyori: Slightly tough. Shadows will be very helpful. The main problem is her fire projectiles that leave fire clouds that can OHKO you, so use your decoys or IMMEDIATELY Blink away. Her heal is not very powerful. Eventually you'll defeat her!

P. S. : She can rarely drop Shadow Gems, so you can farm them if you want to.

Ataki Peon, Ataki Warrior: Nothing too special. Same enemies as always...

Ataki Warrior, Ataki Rogue: Be cautious, and the battle is yours. Let the Shadow distract one enemy while you're fighting the second one. Use Recovery Trap if you need to.

Ataki Rogue x2, Ataki Mage x2, Ataki Warrior: Mini-Stuns dealt by the Rogues are not a problem at all. Use your Shadow for distraction if you need to. The Warrior and the Mage are tougher, but Recovery Trap/Chicken Escape will work. Shadows might be helpful. Not REALLY hard.

P. S. : Enter the house next to the wall-jump stage, kill the Mage and get Mask of Insanity (+68 Int, +28 Vit, + Madness Effect). Worthless, but unique.

Ataki Rogue, Ataki Mage: Nothing too special. Just remember their skills, use yours and you're okay.

Lord Yamoto, Ataki Adept x2: Pretty much like Lady Kyori, but can Mini-Stun you. Remember not to walk into the fire cloud - it's certain death. Again, use as many Shadows as you can, Recovery Trap Yamoto if you need to. Fair warning: sometimes the Adepts might arrive when you're inside the fire cloud, which ruins the fight. The Adepts arrive when Yamoto has ~1/3 Health left. Just use your Shadows to distract the Adept/Yamoto and kill one of them ASAP. Eventuallty you'll take him down and win!

P. S. : This guy rarely drops Rubies, so you can farm them if you need to.

P. P. S. : The final area also contains 2000 Gold and Bloodbane (+95 Dmg, +37 Str, +15 Vit, + Bloodbath Effect), which is a perfect weapon for the Warrior (if equipped along with Blaze).

Well, I hope this guide will help you to complete the game. Good Luck playing Sinjid!

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