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Soldier: They have returned! *Roar noises* We don't know why! The ali... the alie... ahhhh!!! *Blood squirting everywhere!*

Dammit, our communications have gone. Well soldier your the only survivor since this storm. The aliens have came back with no warning as well. They must of jammed the circuits or something. Anyways choose your class your element and your off to start your first mission.

To join-

Name: ?
Gender: ?
Class: ?
Element: ?


Fire: Like Destruction? Then this is for you! Fire is specialized to do more splash damage than any other element!

Water: Like Accuracy? Then this is for you! Water is best at hitting its target even from far away without missing too much!

Nature: Like Luck? Then this is for you! Nature has the most luck-based attacks and is great at doing critical hits.

Earth: Like Defense? Then this is for you! Earth is specialized to have the most defense than any other element!

Lightning: Like Speed? Then this is for you! Lightning is good at going very fast and almost takes it turn first all the time!

Wind: Like destroying obstacles? Then this is for you! Wind is the best at destroying obstacles in the way so if you ever find a door you could just smash it open instead!

Dark: Like Power? Then this is for you! Dark is the best at doing the most damage, it can also Wreak Havoc really easily!

Light: Like Buffing? Then this is for you! Light can buff its friends and its self the most than any other class!

Death/Necromancy: Like De-Buffing? Then this is for you! You can weaken enemies the most than any other class!


Gunner: Health, Medium. Defense, Low. Speed, Medium. Accuracy, Medium. Most stats are Medium but has low speed. Uses guns mostly.

Melee: Health, Low. Defense, Medium. Speed, High. Accuracy, Low. Good speed but low health. Is specialized in using swords and stuff so not good at targeting.

Sniper: Health, High. Defense, Low. Speed, Medium. Accuracy, High. Good targeting and good health but has low defense. It is best at long range guns.

That's it. Oh wait? Did I forget missions?

Mission 1: Bring back the communications
Description: Soldier just like we said before you need to bring those communications back. We need them to contact with any survivors.
Reward: 50 EXP and $50

Mission 2: What happened?
Description: Communications are back but we can't contact with any survivors. Nothing is working. Go inside and look for any clues. I am also sure we have those wires fixed.
Reward: 100 EXP and $100

Mission 3: Samples
Description: We found some goo stuck in the cables, that what made it hard to communicate. We must take samples. But be careful getting it back is dangerous. They said some aliens might still be in the building.
Reward: 150 EXP and $150

Mission 4: Strike Back
Description: The aliens are angry we have found about their secret weapon. They decide to strike back! Hold out until help arrives.
Reward: 200 EXP and $200

Mission 5: Ship hit!
Description: The aliens are aboard our ship! Kick off any aliens until we land in a safe spot.
Reward: 250 EXP and $250

Mission 6: Hideout
Description: We have to explore this cave. There might be some dangers in it so be careful!
Reward: 300 EXP and $300

Mission 7: Secrets discovered
Description: Looks like the aliens used that goo to infect other humans. We have them down now. Find the aliens secret lab while avoiding the Zombies from the last war.
Reward: 350 EXP and $350

Mission 8: Doom
Descriptions: The aliens have released their Terminator Aliens! These aliens are very skilled and high tech! Be careful.
]Reward: 400 EXP and $400

Mission 9: Last of the aliens
Description: This is the last battle. Once we rid the aliens from here Earth will be saved.
Reward: 450 EXP and $450

Mission 10: ONE LAST BATTLE!
Description: They have sent out their massive alien, TERMINATOR-4000. Is this the end of Earth or the end of the aliens?
Reward: 500 EXP and $500

Now looking for the shop? Look below this post and you will find it.
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Pistol: For gunner. A weak but good starter weapon.
Damage: 3-6
Cost: $10

Sniper: For Sniper. The first weapon for that class.
Damage: 4-5
Cost: $10

Knife: For melee. Just a starting weapon.
Damage: 1-3
Cost: $10

Laser Gun: For Gunner. Next upgrade!
Damage: 5-8
Cost: $30

Sniper+: For Sniper. Another next upgrade!
Damage: 7-9
Cost: $30

Sword: For Melee. *Swing!*
Damage: 3-5
Cost: $30

Laser Cannon: For Gunner. Heck yea! Lasers!
Damage: 12-15
Cost: $220

Sniper-Advanced: For Sniper. * HEAD SHOT!*
Damage: 14-16
Cost: $220

Laser Sword: 0_0 *Blood squirts everywhere*
Damage: 8-10
Cost: $220


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