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You are always welcome to join!
After my last HEROES OF IRRIDIA rpg ended because of real life reasons I will start again. This time I hope real life will allow me to continue this longer. This game will be very similar to the old one, HOWEVER it will not be the same. The world, for example was changed and because of that people who played the old game will not be able to use their old characters. (But they will get a bonus. More of that at the end)

About the world:
The Continent of Irridia is inhabited by many different people and races. There are Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs, Goblins, Dwarves and many others. The Great Empire, a huge human nation was once the biggest power on the continent and though it arguably still is it lost much of its former glory. Great parts of land in the south have claimed independence and the swamps of the east have fallen to the vile Necromancers. North of the Empire live the Dwarves, old friends of the Humans and mighty warriors and crafters, in their mountain halls. In the far West of the continent, That is much wilder, live the Elves a very old Civilization that has lost most of its glory. Though they hold a long lasting grudge against the dwarves they are generally relatively friendly to Humans. In the east, separated from the empire through a large Mountain range, live the Orcs, they live in huge tribes and are a nomadic culture, though there still are cities. Many of them become raiders and terrorize human lands. Because of that they are hostile towards them. Living in the mountains surrounding their land are the Goblins. They live in dark fortresses underground and are the long lasting enemy of the Dwarves. The last race is that of the Dark Elves. They live on large islands south of the continent and are above all else slavers and pirates. They are an old enemy of the Elves. The alliance of Humans and Dwarves is locked in perpetual conflict with the Orcs and goblins for the last centuries, but at the moment, there is no real war, only a few border incidents, while the Elves fight the Dark Elves.

About the game:
Much like in the old version I will present you with the scenario and you have to react. Some situations require a skill check, for example when sneaking into a building. In that case I will make a d20 throw to check if you succeed in what you are trying to do. In case of combat I will do 4 rounds at once to speed things up a bit. Every round you have 1 attack and 1 block action you can trade your attack for a skill or turn any of your actions into running, picking stuff up, orientating or taking something out of your inventory/readying a different weapon. You can also dodge when your block failed or you have no block in that round anymore. However, if the dodge is successful you have to orientate (which will cost you 1 or more actions). Before each combat you can tell me what you want to do in your rounds and if you want to dodge or not.

About your character:


Humans: Quite hardy and charming, Humans are the dominant species of Irridia, ruling both the Empire and the neutral âSouthern Republicsâ as well as inhabiting many other places. They can also become more classes than any other race. Though generally mostly lawful humans do not at all have to be âgoodâ

Elves: The Sylvan Elves are very dexterous and perceptive. They live in peace with the Forest they inhabit and going there without their consent might end oneâs life. Despite being allied with them they despise the dwarves for they destroy nature in the eyes of the elves.

Dwarves: Dwarves are extremely strong both in mind â" some call it stubbornness â" and in body. They are famed warriors and have perfected the use of Runes as a means of conjuring magic. Dwarves live in huge mountain fortresses but are also seen in human lands.

Orcs: Rather strong and quite hardy, but not very intelligent Orcs are normally feared as bandits and marauders and not as mighty wizard. They live in their tent cities in the large plains of the east.

Goblins: Goblins are the antithesis to Dwarves. They also live in underground fortresses but are not as honorable and do not produce crafts as fine. They can be very deceiving and silent if they want to.

Dark Elves: Dark Elves are intelligent and quite charming, despite being terrifying. They live in Huge Caverns on the southern Islands. Dark Elves are the closest to what you could call truly evil and are mortal enemies to the Sylvan Elves.

In the beginning of the game you can take one of five classes. Later you can combine classes to become an advanced class. However not every Class is available for every race. Every class is tied to a specific âelementâ The five classes are:

Warrior: Tied to the element of Might. These mighty heroes can wear heavy armor as well as shields an all weapons. Advanced classes of the warrior are also the only ones that can wear plate, though not all can.

Cleric: Tied to the element of Light. Clerics can heal themselves and others and can support their companions or smite their enemies. However despite wearing wielding maces they are not made for close combat since they only wear robes.

Mage: Tied to the element of Magic. Mages can unleash the power of the magic winds onto their enemies. However since they only study the magic arts they tend to be â¦âsquishyâ
Rogue: Tied to the element of Shadow. Rogues are masters of disguise and the cutting of throats. Striking from the shadows or a distance â" or both â" rogues can be very dangerous but are lost in open combat.

Hotspurs: Tied to the element of Fury. These man and women can be very dangerous, striking furiously in battle they can overcome even the strongest defenses but are also sacrificing their own.

Character Sheet:
Primary Attributes: These will be determined by your Race/Class Combo (I will fill them in)
*Stre: (Strength)
*Con: (Constitution)
*Agi: (Agility)
*Cha: (Charisma)
*Per: (Perception)
*Wis: (Wisdom)
*Int: (Intelligence)
Secondary Attributes: These will be determined by your Primary attributes (I will fill them in)

For the Players of the old version:
If you want to play this game, you will receive a bonus. You will get a bonus level at the beginning as well as 5 goldpieces (currency works different in the new version) and one bonus item (within reason)

I will start the game as soon as someone decides to join.

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