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While I seriously think that like all my other games, this will will eventually die, I actually really liked this idea.

Everyone will have their own story, however if you wish you could join in with another players game. More about this later.

This is basically everything about persona 3 and 4 in this thing. Persona 2 and 1 I really have no way of finding out about. Anyways, If you don't know, this game works like this-
At school, stats can raise or lower and you can also goto sports or culture clubs to raise social links and stats and other fun things. Outside of school however..
The game basically functions as an RPG however with a different skill apsect. You use your persona (or personas) for skills. If you go for a persona 3 or persona 4 style game is different. Persona 4 i'm more experienced with... However, a big aspect is gaining different personas after fighting and fusing and registering and all of that in the velvet room. Oh, did I mention bosses and dungeon? If your game is persona 4 style, friends and other people will be trapped in dungeons. If you don't rescue them fast enough. They die. Game over. In persona 3, When a greater shadow appears you must arrive there to defeat it fast or just like the last one, GAME OVER.
Another thing. Social links.
By spending time and special events with other characters can increase your social link with them. You can strengthen personas, aquire more personas, and allow party members to help you in certain ways (example: they will take a fatal blow for you)
Anyways, the shadows (enemies) have weaknesses and strengths. Upon hitting a weakness you will gain another turn and the shadow will be down. If all shadows are down you can do a MASSIVE STRIKE.
One last thing. Only the main character (in other words, you!) can have more than 1 persona. However, while your starting persona sucks your party members personas get really strong.
Personas all have their own stats and abilities. MOOOVING ON

Yes, this deserves a category.
In the overworld, you can shop, enter dungeons, go to events, and
do whatever else floats your boat.
Some events may only be open certain days, certain times, or even certain weather. Yeah.


Name: (insert name here)
Backstory: (how you ended up where you are. if you don't want to make one, i can provide one)
Game Style: (Persona 3 or 4)
Starting Persona: (do not fill this in as it will be done later.)
Money: (again, do not fill in)
Persona list: (do not fill in untill you have any personas.)
Party Members: (only put yourself untill you have more)
Social Links: (do not fill this in again untill you have them)
Weapon: (go ahead. choose what type of weapon you prefer.)
Appearance: (does not have to be filled in)

So. Yeah. There it is.

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