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Hello! Welcome to The End-Times. This is a zombie game. I'm sure right when most of you read the 'zombie' word, you're thinking to yourself, Oh Geeze. Another one? Well... I'm pretty sure no one has ever done anything like this in a forum game before. That is why I'm bringing it to you here and now.

*Don't read this unless you care about why the title is the way that it is*
The title is long and confusing I suppose, so I'll elaborate. The series is called The End-Times. The 'This is How You Died' part is in there because that is the main gist of the game. The 'You & Kate' part is the name of the story you will be playing.This game isn't about how to find a cure, and how you saved the world. This game is actually about your death. Its inevitable. But, the way you play, is like a story. Everything you achieved, every action you made, will be made into a story. And the ending will, of course, explain how you died. I hope that in the future, I can make more 'End-Times' games, and add a book of one of your (the players) stories in the next game, or maybe somehow make the stories connected in a way. This game might be long, or it may be short. It all depends on how well you do.

On to the important stuff. The game is pretty realistic in my opinion. You will be given a decent sized character sheet, but I'll have a much bigger one so I can keep track of exactly what you did in your story to be precise as possible with updates and things like that. There won't be stat bars or percentages for hunger or any basic needs though. Instead, you get moodlets, or effects.For example, say you killed a couple of zombies in your first days of slaying them. You may become nauseous, or come down with anxiety. There will be different levels of hunger, thirst, and so on. Peckish is very slightly hungry, then it goes up from there. Under the effects will be a description of what the type of effect is doing to your character. There are many more moods and effects, but you can discover them for yourself as you play.

As for the main game play, I only have one story for everyone to try. The story will differ in some cases, depending on what you want to do, so in a way, even though its the same story it can still be changed from another players version.

I hope this hasn't confused anybody so far. I confuse myself pretty often. Anyways, I will give the story just below this, then give an example of the character sheet.

~The Story~
Kate, your wife, has been keeping along with you pretty well, until things got a little too rough. In your 'fortress', which was a two story building with many entry points such as windows and doors, was found by raiders. One man in particular, who had worn a black vest, blue jeans, and black shoes, has ran you off of the fortress you both called a home. It was well barricaded... till the man tore it down. He doesn't have a name, but there are plenty of names that you'd both enjoy calling him.

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