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You...where are you? Who are you? All you know is that you died...but you are clearly still alive, since this is clearly not heaven. As for hell, you expected more fire and less of a feeling of...power. If only you could get out of this tube...then you could find your memory. Maybe figure out what this power is that you feel.

You wake in a tube. There are a few worried scientists looking at look around and see more tubes. Various species are filling the tubes, in various states of consciousness. And now you need to find a way out...what will your goal be when you do? Revenge? Gratitude? Indifference? Only you can tell...


Name: Do I really have to explain this?
Biography: Or this?
Species: See the species section below.
Power: Whatever you can think of! It just has to be approved by the GM, so no...well, God Modding.
(Stats range from 1-10 and must equal no more than 45)
Level: 1
Experience: 0/100
Primary Weapon: None
Secondary Weapon: None
Armor/Clothing: Biometric Harness
Inventory: None

Memetian Species:

Cheezburgians: The Cat people of Memetia! They vary in their fur lengths and colors, more so that any race. They have retracting hook claws between their fingers and toes, pointed triangular ears on top of their relatively small heads, slit eyes, and all other features a cat would have. They, like other Memetians, are bipedal. Occasionally, you will even get a vampiric Cheezburgian! Their society is highly capitalistic, almost to the point of anarchy. They have equal proficiency with Melee, Magic and Guns. Age range: 50 years

Youtubians: Cyborg people! They are vaguely humanoid, except there are no humans in Memetia. They are born with robotics built into them, varying in what parts of them are robotic and which aren't. They are one of the two trans-organic species in the Memetiaverse. They are more proficient in Guns than Melee, and cannot use Magic without modification. Age range: 150 years

Chanians: Big, hulking freaks of muscle and little brains. Descended from gorillas, this big monkeys have a tendency to crush first, ask questions later. They often if not always have huge muscles and a misshapen, pig-like face. Otherwise, they are humanoid. They mostly live on the junk planets and other planets where others cannot survive. Proficient in Melee more than Guns than Magic. Age range: 40 years

Trollix: The more dragonic, lizardoid people. They are more humanoid than dragons while keeping features like having scales, hoarding treasure and breathing elements. They are very lean, without a lot of fat or muscle. Their culture makes up the center of galactic politics. More proficient in Magic than anything else. Age range: 10,000 years

Behemels: The largely hated space Nazis! They are bear people, whom have a highly religious and fanatical society. For this reason, most Behemel are largely hated by galactic society, at times even more than the Collective. However, they are often the best organized against the people who intend to massively do the galaxy harm. Proficient in Magic and Guns, not as much Melee. Age range: 70 years

Hyrin-Pern: The wolf-people! They live in a somewhat tribal system, living in packs. They also have an incredible capacity for alcohol and make the most concentrated alcohol in the galaxy. They are proficient in Melee and Guns. Age range: 30 years

Collective: Have you ever seen Cthulu? Imagine a leaner, smaller, less evil version of him. While they are still somewhat evil, they do try to keep a distinct hierarchical society. Before the presence of the planet Memetia and its inhabitants in Galactic politics, the Collective had control of most all of the galaxy. Very proficient in Guns, not as much in Melee or Magic. AGe range: 1000 years

Balcheans: The frog-like warmongerers! Their skin dries easily, so they have to keep it wet when they can or risk death. Their society is mostly based on honor and discipline, just like every single other proud warrior race. They are very proficient in all weapon types. Age range: 40 years

Tropers: The wisest race in the Memetiaverse! Due to a highly intense sun, their skin, fingernails, eyes and hair are made of gems, the hair and skin a special, fine mesh called Gemsilk. While their outsides are naturally gem-laden, their insides are still squishy as normal. They seek to expand their knowledge and avoid political dealings when it can. They are proficient in Magic and cannot use material weapons. Age range: 5000 years

Watermaids: Mermaids! Everyone loves mermaids. The closest thing to humans you can get in Memetia, they prefer to stay in water and are built just for that, with fins, a fish tail and all. Their bones are mostly actually cartlidge, much like a shark...which is what they'll resemble even more once they go predatory. Proficient in all weapons. Age range: 100 years

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