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After having the cold Winter Edition and the heroic journey of the Ninja, it is time to focus on the season that warms us all up a little in the ArmorGames Armatar Contest! The season that brings out everyone to play, even the game characters! They too are taking a short break to enjoy the colorful scenery of:


Here are the guidelines that help you figure out what is allowed and what is not :


1) All entries must be appropriate. They cannot be offensive or profane in nature. Keep it clean!
2) The entry must be square, and at least 100x100 pixels in dimension.
3) Your entry must scale down well to 100x100. So if it is larger, make sure that it will still look good when it is scaled down to the actual armatar size. Here are a few suggestions about this :
~ Sometimes keeping it simple is better. If you go into a lot of detail, it might not look as great when you scale it down. So keep in mind what the final size will be and check often how it looks when it is scaled down.
~ Remember to save a lot while you are making it! Better to delete 20 -in between made- save files later on, than ending up with something you actually don't like...
~ If you are able to do vector, by all means! That can help with the sharpness of the image. However, since they are so small this is probably not a big issue.
4) Must be completely original. You cannot use elements from other pieces of artwork, the entire armatar must be 100% created by you.
Plagiarism will not only exclude your submission by means of disqualification, it will also exclude you from participation in any future contests AND will have further consequences!
5) Must be fitting to the current contest's theme. If a certain entry is debatable to whatever extend, a mod or admin will give the decisive and final ruling for submission.

Do note that we won't add all submissions at once... all submissions will go up in batches during the entry window and they will eventually disappear from the Armatar roster a week after being uploaded, thus rotating all submissions as we approach the next theme. Keep checking this thread for notifications on the rotation!

The window for this contest will be a little longer this time, from 04/20/2013 untill 06/02/2013, so there's plenty of time for you to submit multiple entries to make it on the rotating schedule!

As usual, we're looking forward to seeing your contributions! So, soak up that fresh Spring breeze, let those first rays of sun tickle your skin and your imagination, be inspired by the huge palet of vibrant colorful scenery outside and grab that pencil to splash those ideas onto paper or your screen! It's Spring time people! Make 'em look good! Amaze us!!! =)

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