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The year is 1947, the second world war has raged on for a very long time, battles won on both sides have extended it, the losses were great. To the point were the war petered out, and was rented out to mercenaries in tanks by 1945, although research on tanks and their weaponry has made giant leaps, the poorest mercenaries still fight in old inter-war tanks in small skirmishes, far from the huge modern tanks, on smaller fronts for small objectives.



Tank Types:
Light (Small, quick, good at scouting and taking out lightly armed foes)
Medium (Somewhere between heavy and light, some more related to one side than the other)
Heavy (big, lumbering, tough, but slow and slow turning and turret speeds)
Tank Destroyer (The "snipers" of the tank world, mostly have no turret, and have thing side and back armor)

while these are rather broad terms, they are easier to adhere to, and don't expect every tank of every type to adhere strictly to these generalizations.

This game is in a what-if scenario, where WWII has turned into a slow tank v. tank war, rented out to mercenaries for money. You play one such merc, who is fairly poor and have bought a small tank from the 30's, doing small contracts to make money.


Name: please something of your nationality
Faction: Basically the nation you fight for
Description: what you look like, purely optional but preferred, just remember, big guys can't fit into tanks
Bio: 5 sentences at least, optional
Perk: from bio, i make
Tank: i put
Crew: i put
Modules: anything extra added on
Equipment: basically anything inside the tank to help it (i.e. first aid kits, extinguishers, etc.)
Gun: what gun is on the tank, i put
Engine: what engine is on the tank
Armor: in MM, the higher it is, the better chance of a bounce, or non penetrating shot
Hull: your "HP" i put
Condition: Fine

Now you will start with what is essentially a mid war tin can, and you pay to either upgrade it, or the tank itself. You take various missions and jobs for money, you will start doing small jobs, but can get up to larger ones, even spearheading major offensives.

Alright, the person who pre signed up, bring your sheet over here and i'll fill it out, kinda wish i got more people to show preemptive interest

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