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I grew up with the game, yugioh forbidden memories.
But, that's not EXACTLY this game is it?
No. We sir, are entering the game that took epic and yugioh to a whole new level. This is-

The Duelists of the Roses

You are the rose duelist, sent into the war between the Yorkists and Lancastrians, Summoned into the timeline of the war. More plot details follow ingame.

... This game
It took the yugioh formula and changed it.
And, not in a bad way. Its still very easy to understand.

Deck Building
In the game, there is a thing called deck cost. Higher cards cost more, and your cost cannot succeed the cost of who you face. I'm cutting it out, cause it gets REAAALLY annoying. You get cards from defeating an opponent and taking cards from their graveyard slots. You can also aquire cards from codes that I will reveal if I choose.
I need to make categorys here
Key Differences:
You have a DECK LEADER.
The game does not play out as a traditional yugioh duel. You are in a big open area, and you may move your cards in 3D around this area.

Okay, how to play-

At the start of the game, you and your opponents deck leaders are set down on opposite sides of the map. You can move your deck leader and cards 1 space unless they have a modifier that allows them to move further.
And every turn they aquire 3 summoning stars.
These are used to summon monsters. If they have enough, they may summon the monster. If they don't have enough... They cannot. Spells and Traps do not cost this. Monsters can move in 3D, as well as switch between ATK and DEF Position as well attacking is the same. They can also be facedown (and still move!) If you are not familiar.
If your monster attacks another monster in ATK mode, you compare the ATK of your monster with the ATK of theirs. The one with higher ATK destroys the other and the difference in damage is damage to their life points. If you attack a monster in DEF mode, you compare the monsters DEF points with your monsters ATK. If yours has more,the monster is destroyed. However, the opponent loses no life points. If the monster has higher def, you lose LP based on the difference in the DEF and ATK points.
About life points... You start with 4000. You can only lose them if-
A spell card allows free instant LP damage
Enemy monster has higher DEF
A monster destroys your monster in ATK
A direct attack on your deck leader.
Also, Fields. All fields are different except for normal. All favor a type of monster. Those who are powered down lose 500 ATK and DEF. Those who are powered up gain 500 ATK and DEF and can move 2 spaces.
You can also equip some items to monsters or fusion them together for stronger ones. Spells are activated once they are flipped face up. However, If a monster moves onto a spell it will be destroyed. Traps work the same, except they are activated when the requirements are met, or the trap is within range. I will work the maps like this
(Enemy) (this is their deck leader)

(Basic Insect (P)) (This basic insect has a P, so it means it belongs to the PLAYER)

(O) This is a labrynth. You cannot move here.
(Player) (this is your deck leader)
If their are any different field squares, Ill inform you.

Complicated Game IS complicated.

Character Sheet

Name: (Do I need to say anything?)
Title: Simple Duelist
Rose Cards: (PLOT DEVICE (you have none now))
Deck Leader: (Nothing for now)
Rank: (Again, nothing.)
Bonuses: (Once again, nothing.)
Deck: (I'll provide one later.)
Chest: (Spare Cards)

Major credit to evilsweetblock, for the card game idea.

So. There we go. With abit of input from the kickstarter (not alot I have finally started this game.)

Other notes:
I will post when there are maximum players.
There is PvP.

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