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Mining tips

What to bring with you in case of any emergency

-Sword for whacking down mobs

-Shovel for mining sand or gravel when suffocating

-MANY torches

-Two iron pickaxes preferably with different enchantments

-6 to 10 stone pickaxes


-Water in case an Enderman gets angry at you

-A fire resistance potion in case you fall into lava

-Milk if you come in contact with poisonous cave spiders

-Spare dirt and gravel to make a path across crevasses and caves.

-Respiration enchanted helmet if you start to drown

-Feather Falling enchanted boots, in case you fall off into a crevasse(WHEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!)

-Blast protection armor in case you find any creepers

How to navigate through your mine

First off always place a torch on either the right or the left when going into your mine, so you know which way is going out, because if you place your torches on the right, and you see torches on the right going out of your mine, you are obviously going in the wrong direction.

Second, make a large mining base at layer 11 to have many braches of mines connect to it. You may put a sign on a mineshaft when your done mining there, or simply block it off.

Third, when there is a fork in the road, place a torch on the bottom of the cave floor you are exploring, when you come back, you see the torch and remember that there is an unexplored branch.

Lastly, always make sure you have an escape route in case a bunch of monsters gang up on you at once. lols

Things to do and not to do

Never dig straight down

Never dig straight up

Don't bring a wolf with you in your mineshaft

Have an ender chest to store your ores back at your base

Always keep your tools and weapons at your hot bar

ALWAYS press shift when close to an edge of a cliff

So that's my minecraft tutorial....
I hope you learned something from this
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ask me for more tutorials if you need me to make more

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