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Welcome to EAO: Uprising. My own try at the superpower RPG front.
Get cozy, Because alot is about to be covered.

Years into the future, as a response to any global threats the government decides that a good choice of action might be to follow all the ideas set out; Superheros. Shortly after a kind of superpower chamber is invented, Multiple test subjects are selected at random.
First off- Each character has a different aim or goal. Also, expect to see other players lots. Because I'll do that.
And as followed.. Something has arrived to this planet.
The Klaaz are a odd race of alienlike beings that have invaded the planet.
With all of this set in motion...
You are here, with your own story. Defend the planet, destroy it, claim it, the world is your sandbox.
However, Beware. W.A.T.C.H. is closing in on the supers..
And in new york, Commotion starts to rise.

And a sinister force comes to be.


For each race, choose one of the following-
They are how your game starts off.

A: You are a guard in a top secret lab used for a prototype of the chamber. However, With a massive break in, the majority of those in the lab are killed off and you are a loose survivor. You remember who broke in though.
John Titus. You vow to take him down, but as he has taken the technology for the superpower chamber, He has become very powerful.
(Put john titus in the enemies section if you pick this)

B: You are one of the people selected for the test. However, Right as you reach the streets, a massive explosion from a nearby blasts you and the people around you away. Suddenly, You see some sort of human with multiple superpowers crashing around. Right now, Your in that crisis.

C: You are one of the people who has gained superpowers-
And head to engage somebody destroying the main street of new york.
However, He managed to overpower you and knock you out.
You wake up in a hospital, With no memory. You can't even remember your power. (And you won't for awhile) You make up a name, And set out to figure out who this shadowy figure who knocked you out was.
(Put Shadowy Figure in enemies if you pick this.)

D: What exactly DID happen? Explain in your bio.

Test Subject:

A: You are a test subject for the super chamber. You find yourself exiting the chamber just as the lab explodes. An unknown presence knocks you over, shortly before revealing himself. John Titus. Leader of a massive company known as Titus corp. His invasion manages to overpower you as he escapes with knowledge of the superchamber. You can barely remember what happened, you set out to figure out what happened that day.
(Put John Titus as an enemy for A)

B: Your test goes horribly wrong, and the energy circuits malfunction causing a meltdown in the area your in. The machine malfunctions but still works. The entire structure is devastated. You wake up in a hospital, With no memory of your past. What will you do? Go out to figure out what happened, Start a new life, its all up to you.

C: You are a test subject heading to New York after hearing of an unknown man rampage through with unreal powers. Since the government decides to test your superpowered abilitys out, you engage him. Now, its you vs this enemy, John Titus. Destroying new york.

D: What exactly DID happen? Explain in your bio.


A: You are from a rich and famous family. However, one day a Rogue Organization by the name of XR-Corp. They chased you into the sewer to the point where you fell into the water. Assuming you were dead, they left.
Mutated, you seek revenge on XR-Corp and what they have done to you.
(Put XR-Corp down as enemies)

B: In the streets of new york city, You notice a massive explosion coming from one of the buildings above that was research for the super chamber project. The chemicals and rays within fall down with the building almost crushing you... You wake up, In the sewer. You have slight memory loss, but you notice you have powers as well.

C: You are on the run from W.A.T.C.H. squadrons trying to dispose of you. You have a personal level of hate due to the fact they murdered your family. Your goal- Survive, Take down WATCH, and discover why they are doing this.
(Enemy: W.A.T.C.H.)

D: What exactly DID happen? Explain in your bio.


A: You are a normal alien hunter, wishing to expand the hive. However, in a touchdown on the planet that results in your capture, You awake in a lab. The pathetic humans, wishing to study you. This WILL not go. As they release you for test, they will realize this was a mistake.

B: You are a rogue alien tired of the queens reign wishing to end it off.
You and a small group of aliens with you have developed a small hive within earth. Your enemy- The queen. You wish to take down the hive and start your own rule.
(Put down enemy- The queen)

C: You are a alien that has headed to the planet in a small drop pod.. Shortly before being shot down.
You have no memory of the queen, what you are, or who you are.
Your goal- Figure it out. However.. First things first.. You appear to be being studied.

D: What exactly DID happen? Explain in your bio.


A: You are an android, manufactured as a super machine in the event that any superheroes go rogue... Not before you realize this is... Not what you want. You slaughter those in the lab and use the deceased remaining humans for your android army. Your goal- Eliminate the pathetic humans. And anything in your path.
(Enemies: The humans)

B: You are a combat android dispatched to deal with the new york incident. However, John Titus scraps you. You are a broken mess, in a mass of rubble that was once a skyscraper. Your goal- Get revenge for this. And discover your own story.
(Put John Titus as an enemy)

C: You are an human that was slowly transformed into an android by an outbreak in the facility.. You can either follow your new leader, Or take revenge for what he has done to you.

D: What exactly DID happen? Explain in your bio.


A: You are a whisperer. You wish for revenge on the scientists who have twisted and horrified you into the monstrosity. You will destroy anything in your path.
(Put down The Government as an enemy for this)

(B and C would be the same.)

D: What exactly DID happen? Explain in your bio.


A: You are a WATCH field soldier, dispatched with your team to deal with the new york incident. You and all of the others sent to deal with John Titus ultimately overpower him leading to him knocking over a skyscraper. In this time period, he manages to escape. You and your team (Put down 2 allies in the bio) set out to discover who he really is, why he did it, And shut him down. (Put down John Titus as an enemy)

B: You are an agent stopping the android breakout before it becomes too much for you. Instead of turning you, they plant a chip into your brain that grants access to your nervous system. You are now a merciless undercover killer under the androids control. Can you break free and get revenge? Or will you be a slave forever? Only time can tell.
(Put down Androids as an enemy)

C: You are in a special division of WATCH, known as E.T.S. (Extraterrestrial Termination Squadron) Your mission: Take down the alien menace. However, you soon realize in the background of this all, something sinister is rising.
(Put down aliens as an enemy)

D: What exactly DID happen? Explain in your bio.

First off- This is a fairly open game (or atleast trying to be)
The overworld is.. Planet earth. You can go anywhere.
I'll try to include lots to do.
Now, one thing ill need to explain-
Good and evil.
Both can access areas that the other can't. Both also will have different goals.
Battles basically work as followed-
Facing off against a mutant-
Mutant Health 100/100

Player Health 100/100
Like an RPG, but with no specific moves. You can do anything within your ability.
Also, superpowers. The only races that start with them are-
Robots can gain powers by upgrading software-
Mutants can gain powers through various ways-
Same with humans-
Klaaz gain powers from draining their victims power.


Human: Dull, Ordinary. No powers at all. Can gain them later.

Test Subject: One who has had the superpower test done on them.

Mutant: A human whom has been mutated to gain powers by an unusual method.

Klaaz: Aliens that wish to expand their territory. They are cruel, and menacing.

Android: You may still have a superpower, make it reasonable to a machine.
Androids are cruel, and wish to murder humans to create more of them.

Whisperers: Ghostly failed test subjects that want revenge for those who have put them in the current state. They start with a power.

W.A.T.C.H.: Elite soldiers dispatched to dispose of rebel supers and the Klaaz threat. They have no powers, but can gain them.

Character Sheet
Name: (Obvious?)
Alter-Ego: (Your move.)
Side: (Good, evil, or neutral. (if you are a klaaz, then your side is Alien))
Race: (You can find these above.)
Bio: (If you are intrested)
Powers: (Start with 1 if you are mutant or robot. 0 for Klaaz or human.)
Personality: (insert personality here)
Enemies: (None at the start, unless you put one in the bio.)
Allies: (Same as above.)
HP: 100/100 (Health points.)
SP: 100/100 (Stamina points. If you lose these all, your character must rest.)
PP: 100/100 (Power points. These are used for your power. Don't worry, they won't drain fast. However, if they do you must rest to regain them.)
Level: 1 (Obvious again.)
EXP: 0/100 (Experience)
Upgrades: (Do not fill this in. I'll do it for you.)
Inventory: (Anything you hold)
Money: (Start with 0)
Weapon: (If you need a weapon other than your superpower, put it here.)
Story Event: (read above in story, choose A B C or D depending on race)

Notes: Huge thanks to blk2860, for help on the kickstarter thread.

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