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While doing one of my many lovable activities, lurking, I came across an interesting conversation between Sal and Mino, in which they were talking about Mino's usage of "harsh vocals" (my words, not theirs). Being another that also practices the technique, I struck up a conversation of my own with Mino, regarding the subject. After a conversing with him for a bit, I decided to create this thread..which I've been meaning to do for some time.

What are "harsh vocals"?
Now, I couldn't find a legitimate definitions on the term (or, maybe I'm just too lazy too), but what it consists of is the usage of growls, screams, etc. while "singing" (per se).

Why use "harsh vocals"?
Many reasons, actually. It really depends on the person. Some like it because of its ability to display emotions of anguish, pain, hatred, suffering, vengeance, etc; some like the sound of it; some can't sing, but can perform them; etc.

Why isn't this in the Popular Media section?
Because this isn't popular media. In fact, this has nothing to do with media. The idea of the thread is to discuss the act of "harsh vocals"..if one would like to mention a band/singer or like to a band/singer, they may do so, but the purpose in doing so shouldn't be just to talk about them, but to talk about their usage of the art, their technique, etc.

Purpose of this thread??
Oh..yeah. Forgot that...this. Has. To. Be. A. Thing.
Anyways, there are many purposes of this thread, so I'll list 'em in my favorite way possible! In an incoherent run-on sentence! (notreallyI'llactuallyjustmakealist)
1) To provide users that practice the art of Harsh Vocals a place to discuss the subject.
1-a) Their techniques and sound
1-b) The effect they are going for with their style
1-c) Ways to improve on their techniques
1-d) Bands/singers that implore the technique, and what they like and/or do not like about their usage/technique
1-e) etc.
2) To provide users that don't practice the art, but are interested in learning about the art, a place to gain knowledge.
2-a) Also a place to learn how to do it themselves
3) For all users to discuss the art, in general.
3-a) Self-explanatory.
4) To receive feedback on their style/technique
4-a) Describe your technique.
4-a-1) What sounds can you produce?
4-a-2) How do your achieve the sounds you produce?
4-b) Provide a video (link) to you performing "harsh vocals"
4-a-1) Make sure you can prove it is you.
4-a-1-a) Post something in the description that proves it is you.
4-a-1-b) Say something within the video that proves it is you.
4-a-1-c) The "somethings" will be provided upon request (either by myself or Mino).

What do we do now?! Begin discussing, gain insight on the technique, whatever your heart's (appropriate) desire!
But remember to always (**cliche incoming**) rock on \\m//

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