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In the year 2034...
Mining can be dangerous, being crushed, suffocated, or trapped and starved to death are only the usual risks. You could also be redirected into the sewer and drowned, shot by other rogue miners, or eaten alive by monsters from the depths. But they pay is good, the right merchants will pay handsomely for minerals or metals, and the wrong merchants will pay the gear you steal from other miners.
To start your life as a miner fill out the character sheets below.

Description: Optional
Currency: $300
Arms: None
Armour: None
State: Healthy
Items: Pick-axe, knife.

Also spend you starter money for gear at Godmund's Shop.
(Note: Weapons will stay in your items list and not under arms until you choose to equipped them)

-------------------Godmund's Shop----------------------------------------------

Gas mask: Mask that blocks out toxic fumes with a cloth covered in charcoal, is made of laminated glass so it won't shatter if it cracks. $40

Rebreather: Mask which recycles the air the wearer is breathing. $100

Kevlar: Dense synthetic body armour, well capable of stopping any non-magnum bullet under 7mm and spreading the impact force. $100


Name: Colt Predator
Type: Revolver
Type stats: Double-action Non-magnum
Ammunition: 10mm lead bullets
Ammunition feed type: six chambers
Cost: $150

Name: Concord-forger
Type: Revolver
Type stats: Double-action Magnum
Ammunition: 7mm lead bullets
Ammunition feed type: six chamber
Cost: $180

Name: Snyder and Kemp
Type: Handgun
Type stats: Single-action
Ammunition: 6mm bullets
Ammunition feed type: 12 bullets in a clip
Cost: $120

Name: Gorgon
Type: Handgun
Type stats: Double-action
Ammunition: 9mm bullets
Ammunition feed type: 8 bullets in a clip
Cost: $200

Name: Double barrel
Type: Shotgun
Type stats: 15mm bore
Ammunition: Buckshot
Ammunition feed type: Brake-action, two shells
Cost: $150

Name: Barb Spitter
Type: Shotgun
Type stats: 12mm bore Pump-action
Ammunition: Fletchette shells
Ammunition feed type: four shells
Cost: $150

Name: Uzi
Type: Sub-machine gun
Type stats: 12RPG
Ammunition: 5mm bullets
Ammunition feed type: 25 bullet clip
Cost: $200

Name: Waster
Type: Sniper rifle
Type stats: Magnum, laser-pointed
Ammunition: 11mm magnum bullets
Ammunition feed type: One bolt-action loaded round
Cost: $210


Medical attention: Healing for all injuries. $20

Medical kit: For healing whilst in the mines, limited resources. $50

Medical Insurance: Unlimited free medical attention. $650


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