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Stellar Frontier has something for everyone: You can be an independant pilot; transport captain, mercenary, freelance escort, or even pirate. If ground combat is your thing, there are three branches; Mechanized infantry, armored infantry, and Infantry. You can either be enlisted or an officer, depending on whether you like to lead or fight. The list of possibilities are endless: Space captain, colony governer, scientist, etc. All careers are connected throughout a huge system of economy, diplomacy, and technology.

It's early 2162; a year of scientific breakthroughs, opportunities for wealth, and diverse cultures. The recent civil war in the United Earth Alliance has given you an opportunity to reach into the possibilities created by the sudden surge of job opportunities. The newly-formed Terran Syndicate offers high pay, but primarily only high-skill military jobs, as it fights the UEA. The EUA has a firm hold on Mars and Luna colonies, a huge scientific field, and a medium-pay military. Nova Global and their network of PMCs has a huge availability of black market, military-grade equipment for the right price. Rumors among Mars colony freighter captains and miners speak of 'irates' using unknown technology to raid convoys.
Choose your story, and begin your legend.

Age: (18-30, must be at least 20 to take Officer Career)
Faction: (UEA, NG, TerSyn, Independant)
Race: (Human subspecies; CyberOrganic, Genetic Augment, Human, Experiment)
Branch: (If applicable)
Appearance: (Eye, hair, and skin color, height, weight, etc)
Bio: (2-4 sentences)
Talents: (I'll extrapolate these from Appearance and Bio)
Skills: (You learn these along the way)
Special: (depends on species)

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