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Welcome fellow ArmorGamers, to The 7 Wonders of AG. What this is, is that I will be making lists on Armorgames things. And I will need your help on it.

This is basically a voting thing, where you vote for some certain thing. How this works is, I will be making a topic, let's say I make the topic on threads, you will make a list on the 7 threads that you think should be included into the main list. Once everyone is done voting, me, Storm, or Manly, will tally up the votes. The top 7 threads will be on the list.

Lists I will make: Threads, Forum topics, Flash games, armaters, quests, and Armor Games in general.

If you have questions or suggestions on a list, let me know.

The first topic will be on threads(this thread does not count as a vote). So get on voting for your favorite threads.

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