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Share your favorite strange super heroes or villains here! Just post a the name, description, and/or powers of your hero.

The Parasite

Rudy Jones was a downtrodden janitor who wanted more out of life. Lex Luthor promised to give him a chance, but Rudy's greed proved to be his undoing when he ate a doughnut covered in toxic waste. Rudy was suddenly transformed into the Parasite, a power-absorbing monster who terrorizes Metropolis.

Powers: The Parasite can absorb the powers and personality traits of anyone he touches. He can also change his shape--he even posed as Lois Lane for a while! If the Parasite drains someone's entire life essence, he will destroy them. He craves Superman's power, but often finds it difficult to control.

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Bouncy Boy
his name is chuck taine
has power to inflate himself and bounce.
what about the goofy 40's,50's ,and 60's superheroes?
rex tyler
eats tablet and has superpowers for one hour
Bullet man
jim barr
has bullet powers
The Human Bomb
roy lincoln
causes explosions
Commando yank
chase yale
uses weapons
Mister Terrific
terry sloane
super smart
The Fly
tommy troy
powers of a fly
and wee cannot forget G'nort..............................a goofy green lantern of "sector 68 or is it 69"(a quote of his apperance in justice league international issue 10

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Squirrel Girl. Best super hero of all time.
Think Aquaman, but on land, and just with Squirrels.

Oh, and she defeated The Mandarin..among other high class super villains.


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