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Granado Espada Patch Note - May 08, 2013

The long wait is Over! for those who are fan of Cherlyn, you can now get her from Lyndon Box. I really want to get her also, and I hope I'll be lucky today.

Here's the newest released character!

Quest: The Sorceress Cherlyn

Level: 30

Place: Port of Coimbra

Npc: Grace Bernelli

Reward: Exp Card, Grace Bernelli Character Card


1. After the Suspicion of the Tetra Ruins quest, return to Tetra Golden Road.

2. Fight the Treasure Golem, this time with Bernelli.

3. Sorceress Cherlyn will appear and you have to defeat her.

4. Return to Bernelli to get your reward.

Other updates includes:New Pet : Artic Wolf, you can get from Playtime Event

Pet Stats
Monster Attack Damage +15%, Penetration +5
Critical +10
Accuracy +10
Move Speed +10%
Decrease Monster Damage 5%

For more details about the patch, you can visit this link:

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