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So I've been planning on making this thread for quite awhile now, since 2012 as I recall, but as always, I procrastinated. Anywho, no, this is not a copy of Name That Song, I was taught this game in "The Real World" and played it there.

So here's how it works, someone, me to start, thinks of a dead person who must be famous. To avoid as much spam as possible, gives off certain details about him/her from the start. After that, everyone will try to guess who said dead guy is whilst asking 'yes' or 'no' questions about him. It would be preffered, so as to avoid spam, that unless you have a rather unique question, or are guessing the identity of the dead guy, that you ask more than one question per post.

Person 1: I'm thinking of a dead male, caucasion with black hair
Person 2: did he did within the last 5 years and was a singer?
Person 1: Yes to both.
Person 2: Micheal Jackson.
Person 1: Yes. Chose your dead guy.

I'm going to start off with a dead caucasion male, black hair, was known for being on television and without further questioning I will go into no more details on what area of television.

Ask and guess away.

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