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Hi all!!!
Auroramu this new game good
» Basic settings
⢠Aurora MU Online version 1.04J Season 3, Episode 1 (99.9% bug-free!)
⢠Experience Rate: x500 on quests Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle - x600, with party up to 5 players - x700
⢠Drop Rate: 75%
⢠The server running since February 11th, 2012.
⢠We are 24/7 online without wipes, long term server. Dedicated server hosted at Netherlands with great pings to all over the world.
⢠Available Classes: Dark Knight/Blade Knight, Dark Wizard/Soul Master, Fairy Elf/Muse Elf, Magic Gladiator (with 220 level), Dark Lord (with 250 level).
⢠Maximum Level: 400 All classes (at this level is reset, stats keep)
⢠Points per Level (DK/DW/Elf): 5
⢠Points per Level MG and DL: 7
⢠Bonus points per reset: 200
⢠Maximum stats: 32767
⢠Server economy is based not only on the items and stones (jewels), but also on the Zen. This opens up new opportunities for doing business in the game regardless of the level and capabilities of the player.
⢠Built-in anti-cheat system does not allow the use of the program and bugs to break the game, which guarantees fair gaming for all.
⢠No overpowered donors
» Map locations:
⢠Lost Tower
⢠Arena (Stadium)
⢠Cry Wolf
⢠Valley of Loren
⢠Land of Trial
» Events / Quests:

⢠Blood Castle
⢠Devil's Square
⢠Golden Dragon Invasion
⢠Skeleton Invasion
⢠White Mage Invasion (Ring Event)
⢠Chaos Castle
⢠Castle Siege
⢠Kantru (Maya and Nightmare Event)
⢠Illusion Temple

» Features of the server

⢠MU Instant messenger
⢠Red, Blue and Golden Fenrir
⢠3 Level Wings options 100% retail working, Jewel of Harmony options 100% retail working
⢠Kalima works as quest
⢠Drop ancient items - Illusion Kundun, Chaos Castle and Land of Trial
⢠Castle Siege 100% retail working
⢠Kantru 100% retail working
⢠Cry Wolf 100% retail working

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