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First of all, I'd like to welcome everyone to the new game Challenge Accepted. For all of you flash gamers out there, this is the challenge for you.

So, How does it all work?

Good question. Every day, I will randomly select a game among the various games that I find that are arcade like with set time-limits/live limits that give scores at the end (Ex. Pixelknight). I will play the game a few times and my best score will become that day's Score-To-Beat. If you score higher than me, you will automatically earn a point. If you have the best score out of anyone that day, you will earn 3 points as that day's Champion, and 1 point for every day that you remain that game's champion.

What do the points do?

Absolutely nothing. They are just a personal thing, they can be whatever you'd like. HOWEVER, being a game champion does come with some responsibility

Game Champions

Being the champion of a game means that you will be able to be challenged by other players. People will be able to post scores for previously played games as ways of earning points as well, and taking your constant influx of points away. Make sure you keep a high score if you'd like to remain a game's champion.

How do I submit a score?

All daily scores MUST be submitted in the following format and a screenshot is required for the score to be counted as legitimate.


Challenges must be submitted differently, however,

Champion being Challenged:
Champion's Score:
Your Score:

Make sure to use these forms, or scores may not be accepted.

This post will be used for more FAQs later. Following posts will be reserved for various reasons. Another thread may be posted for champions, it will be linked below if that is the case.

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