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This has been a problem for all video games of old or new genres in the gaming industry, were crazy fanboy wails "oh this game is a minecraft clone" or when somebody is discussing a game of a different genre "Whoa, counterstrike Global Offensive is a rip-off of call of duty".

Listein these are statements or assumptions that are made everyday by a gamer that has not bothered to research the game and just assumes that its a rip-off no matter what you try to tell them. A good example of this would be for example: "Plasma burst is a clone of Raze since both of these games are set in the future but they only thing that separates Sir Raze from Sir Plasma Burst is that their entirely different in terms of gameplay and game mechanics. What i am trying to tell you is that we need to stop assuming and start gathering our facts about a game before we jump the gun on a game that could or could not be a copy, its just the game clones are setting up a new genre of gaming.

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