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I would like to share the new updates of the game:

Following Highlights:

-Bristia`s new raid Bloody Navy mission has been added
- New weapon items have been added
The ATK Rating of the items is 35. Additional ATK options are applied in enchantment stochastically.
-Demonic Missions of 'Medusa', 'Minotauros' and 'Sphinx' have been added.

⢠Gate of Hell' mission has been renewed.
- Can start this mission through Individual Raid Mission Entrance Guard of Coimbra Nimrod Bridge.
- 'Restored Hell Valley Key' needed for entry of Gate of Hell mission (Chrysalis) can be purchased from Federigo NPC in Auch.
- The re-enter time of the Gate of Hell mission is as follows.

For more details visit their page here:

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