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The wonderful 3D printers have given rise to an issue: one can download designs for a gun and print it via a 3D printer. You may have heard of this, if not, you can look up 3D printer guns and you'll find articles.
Naturally, the guns are neither strong nor capable of multiple shots, but that does not matter. You can still kill someone. Now, do you believe that when 3D printers are made available for cheap that we should slacken gun laws? Maybe the answer to the gun problem is if everyone is carrying a gun, even kids, there won't be issues. Or should we ban 3D printers and hope that these weak but still functional firearms never make it to the wrong people?

Personally, I think that the gun laws should be slackened. Once something is publicly available for cheap, it's hard to control it. Naturally, if we slacken the gun laws it stands to reason other weapons will most likely become allowed too, but maybe not.

But what do you think?

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