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Intruder Combat training is a 2D shooter that involves killing the most enemies as well as unlocking new weapons and gear by completing missions. Your starting weapons are a MP7 and the saiga 12 shotgun with a default sidearm in case if the player runs out of ammo in their primary.

The main goal of intruder combat training is to score the most kills with or without a team. Enemy AI will patrol parts of the map constantly so it is important to avoid visual contact with them as they will shoot on sight, weapons like shotguns or assault rifles can kill players in mere seconds if they fail to fight back soon.

Never rush to another area without first checking out the area since no spot is safe twice although While it's important to be cautious keep in mind that other enemies might find you by mistake such as going up a ladder or descending from a ramp. Ammo can not be found naturally so it's wise to scavenge your enemy's gun if you don't want to be caught with an empty clip.

Missions are set-up games that require you to complete them and in exchange you are rewarded with guns or gear, there are 10 missions in total and they behave pretty much the same as you would play a custom game.

There are at least 1smg, 2 assault rifles, 2 sniper rifles, 2 shotguns, 2 heavy weapons and 3 handguns.

MP7: A weak smg with a high rate of fire, perfect for hit-run.
Saiga12: Semi-automatic shotgun that deals moderate damage per pellet.
AA-12: Automatic shotgun, Does considerably more damage at Close quarters
M249 Saw: Light machine gun, does heavy damage to the torso and head.
Aug: Bullpup Assault rifle, fast rate of fire and decent damage.
Mk14: Semi-Automatic rifle, does high damage at mid range and deadly at CQC.
ACR: Automatic assault rifle, does moderate damage but with slow rate of fire
Barrett: Powerful Anti-Material Rifle, instant kill or two shots if the player is wearing body armor. Low ammo reserve
RPG7: rocket launcher instant kill.

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