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Don't die

Don't panic and just keep on breathing,
They're on their way now, I promise you.
Don't say you're tired, don't say you're leaving,
You must consider how I feel too.

Hold my hand if you're getting cold,
And just please do as you're told;
Keep breathing slowly and ignore the pain,
The more you think about it the more it will remain.

I feel ashamed for not being there,
When you needed me present.
You were hit but no one seemed to care,
And I'm sure that was not pleasant.

You're bleeding and broken -
If only you had spoken,
When I asked you if you were okay,
But you just drifted away.

Why didn't you tell me at all?
Why did you just prefer to fall,
And decide to take your life away?

My dear love, just please don't die,
I know that you can see the light,
But you just have to keep the fight,
And not drift away and begin to fly.

If you were to leave me here today,
I know that there wouldn't be a single day,
Where I wouldn't cry myself to sleep,
Because of all this sorrow that I keep.

Don't let her die, she's not ready,
And with these last words... her eyes fell steady.

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really great job but really sad i hope your just writing a poem and you never had to experience this.

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Pretty good. I must say that it is composed rather well.

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