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This thread is a place to discuss quests for The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Here is a list of the current quests available for this zombie-slaying game...
Starting Out
Reach level 5.
Hardness: Easy
My First Raid
Raid another player's compound.
Hardness: Easy
Make it Better
Upgrade an item.
Hardness: Easy
Start of my Collection
Have 5 weapons in inventory.
Hardness: Easy
Craft 20 items.
Hardness: Medium
Build a Radio Tower & Radio Receiver.
Hardness: Medium
Infected Destroyer
Kill 1,000 Infected.
Hardness: Medium
Mission Runner
Run a total of 100 missions.
Hardness: Hard
All Along The Watchtower
Build your first Watchtower.
Hardness: Hard

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