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As I was reminiscing about myself in old threads, I've found a really interesting and exciting thread that I was surprised was locked and discontinued. It was this thread.

So you know what? I'm bringing it back, new and improved!

Goal: Get to the top of the building with anything you can think of! The person who gets to the top will be the new host, who can then defend other people from getting to the top once again!

Jimmy5748432: I use a girrafe to get to the top.
alexhasboomboom: The giraffe is not tall enough.

Jimmy5748432: I use a jetpack to get to the top.
alexhasboomboom: You run out of fuel and hit the ground

Jimmy5748432: I use a flying car to get to the top.
alexhasboomboom: Flying cars don't exist.

Jimmy5748432: I parachute down onto the building.
alexhasboomboom: It is so windy outside and you land on a near by car.

IamSOOOsmartdude: I get help from chuck norris and he throws me to the top.
alexhasboomboom: CORRECT! you are the new host!

That is the most basic way of playing the game. However, I will just make it a bit more complicated!

1) Every turn, a player or person can only make one post!
2) Anyone can join! There is no character sheet!
3) You can do anything within the realm of your imagination! But the more overpowered the post, the more I will combat it with MY imagination!
4) When you make a post, there is a chance it can backfire on you and you will suffer "injuries", which means you can't post for a certain amount of posts I make!
5) If you annoy me or break the rules, you may suffer permanent death, which I will then ignore you for the rest of the game!
6) Players can also interact with other players, helping them or hurting them. Setting up shops to sell is optional as well!
7) There is no elevators or stairs in the building. Only floors.
8) The first person that gets to the top becomes the new host of the building, which he then should try his best to safeguard the building! Be responsible and fair with your power, however!

Also, if you don't know what to do, look at the old thread for references!

Any Questions? No? Then lets begin!

Round 1: 100 Story Building. Find a way to get up to the top!

100 Story Building---
Objective: Get to the top




Defenders of the Building-
Chuck Norris: 1,000,000/1,000,000
Bruce Lee: 1,000,000/1,000,000
Riptizoid101 the Knight: 100,000/100,000



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You cannot kill what is already dead! Also, I'm back. My mum's computer broke so she had to use mine for a while, but she's got it fixed now so I can do this again. I'll post an update after my flight.

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I'm back!


Sorry for the delay. Anyway, you climb on to the paper plane and immediately tear off a wing. The paper plane suddenly screeches in anger and transforms into an avatar of the mighty Paper God, who bats you to the ground before sending huge sheets of paper flying everywhere, shearing the upper two floors off the tower, damaging eliakith's base, blowing up danwar123's chopper and killing Superman.

The Jankotron floats to the ceiling, then smashes down onto the ground. Which is fortunate, because a huge sheet of paper slices through your base and carves away a decent-sized chunk from the study. Oddly, the books aren't affected.

Superman grabs hold of you but is immediately decapitated by a huge sheet of paper, which also gives you a really nasty papercut.

The chopper flies away from the side of the tower, but no sooner has it done so than a huge sheet of paper blows it up, sending shrapnel and burning shreds of paper in every direction. Well, at least you have about 2,000 Kinder Eggs.

No sooner have you done so than your blueprint flickers and the top two floors of the tower go missing. Strange... *wink wink*

Tower height: 98 floors

Floor statuses: all fine!

Ferret - floor 16 - hostility unknown - HP unknown (but probably enormous) - in full view
Paper plane - levitating - hostile - HP: 9,999
danwar123's troops - floor 12 - following danwar123 - HP: 10/10/10
eliakith's Jankotron 2015 - Thaumium Base - taking its first steps - HP: 5

The tower is surrounded by an ocean in the north, a desert in the east, plains in the south and a forest to the west. The northwest is a muddy wasteland.

Thaumium base - forest area - built by eliakith
Bunker - forest area - built by Crickster

Everything is fine now. Except Crickster's rug.

Shoeminor - broken nose - floor 8
Skills: piloting, aerospace engineering (somehow)

eliakith - uninjured - thaumium base
Skills: tier 2 void magics, tier 2 gravity magics, robot construction because yeah

danwar123 - uninjured - tower floor 12
Skills: leadership, Tier 1 construction

evilsweetblock - uninjured - thaumium base
Skills: portal magics (sword/staff summoning), dishwashing

Crickster - uninjured - hobbit hole
Skills: tier 2 construction, programming

Lowco1 - papercut - outside the tower
Skills: none

Player businesses:

Generic High-Level Sword Shop (Evilsweetblock)
Currency: Gold*
Location: outside tower
Sells Deathbringers, which may or may not have instant KO as a perk**
*See back room for more options
**They do, their proc rate is just like 0.0002%

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Everything is fine now. Except Crickster's rug.

I'll clean my rug before doing anything else.

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Ill just sit here and build a Siphonic Radar to call a Triad so that I can get a trip up the tower.

(A Triad is a three-horned winged cross between a griffin and a bird of paradise.Very beautiful,easily tamed with Siphonic air magic and can be ridden by anyone.)

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I called the inspector to check this out.

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I attempt to create another, stronger legged robot, and infuse it with gravity magic, because yeah.

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