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First of all I would like to mention that the basis was given by user Kupio707.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Let's get started
2.2 Stats
2.2.1 Matt
2.2.2 Anna
2.2.3 Natalie
2.3.1 Matt
2.3.2 Anna
2.3.3 Natalie
2.4.1 Matt
2.4.2 Anna
2.4.3 Natalie

3. Epic battle
3.1.Choose the right opponent
3.2.Step-by-step battle
4. Summary

1. Introduction:
This guide will help those who want to reach 3 million damage.
So get some coffee and start reading

The minimum required level is 31 (but in this case, everything must be done perfectly).
I suggest that you get up to level 33 or 34-35.

Q: Why is level so important?
A: As you progress through the levels the MA of Natalie will increase significantly.
The MA of Natalie after level 42 is so huge that there is no chance that someone does not hit 3m dmg.
Conclusion: If you plan to play in the long term (progress through the levels after level 35 is terribly slow),
then this guide is not required. You can stop reading it and save up your time

*MA - (Magic Attack)

2. Let's get started:

On the screenshot you can see that I hit 4,5 m dmg.(which is more than you need)!
This was done with level 33. So the complete description will be based on that level.

2.1.Characters that I used: Matt, Anna and Natalie. I did not use Lance for this.
I used the following setting for the attack and lined them like this:

First: Matt
Second: Anna
Third: Natalie

2.2 Stats
Stats play a major role!
Stats can be improved with food!
Give Natalie all the Cake (x1.6~ damage)!
Rest of the food spread evenly!

2.2.1 Matt (Base x Equips)
Health points HP 20541
Magic points MP 446
Attack 726
Magic Attack 439
Defence 332
MagicDefence 324
Accuracy 112
Evade 117

2.2.2 Anna (Base x Equips)
Health points HP 22048
Magic points MP 1016
Attack 778
Magic Attack 627
Defence 292
MagicDefence 302
Accuracy 127
Evade 114

2.2.3 Natalie (Base x Equips)
Health points HP 18954
Magic points MP 802
Attack 148
Magic Attack 1922
Defence 245
MagicDefence 404
Accuracy 140
Evade 126

2.3. Equipment
The equipment is as important as the stats are!

2.3.1 Matt
Primary equipment:
- Bone Blade lvl 5. (May weaken targets. May debuff targets defence.
May cast Fright with certain skills). good to have
- Dragon Helm lvl 5. (Randomly gives morale status to the player).
- Dragon Armor lvl 5. (Randomly gives brave status to the player).
Secondary equipment:
- Diamond Pin lvl 3. (Replaces weapon status effect with stagger).
- Green Cross lvl 3. (Randomly regenerates the player).
- The Tr*force lvl 3. (Randomly gives morale status to the player).

2.3.2 Anna
Primary equipment:
- Frozen Tears lvl 5. (May freeze targets. Boosts the power of Ice skills).
- Gold Crown lvl 5. (Randomly gives brave status to the player).
- Shrine Maiden Dress lvl 5. (Randomly casts Talisman Seal between turns).
Secondary equipment:
- Air Badge lvl 3. (Increases wind and syphon resistance).
- Potion Badge lvl 3. (A badge that boosts MP).
- Golden Pentagram lvl 3. (Increases holy and weak resistance).

2.3.3 Natalie
Primary equipment:
- Helas Staff lvl 5. (Randomly curses the player. May curse targets.
Boosts the power of Dark skills). must have
- Dark Bauble lvl 5. (gives good stats)
- Dark Gown lvl 5. (Buffs magic attack when hit by a powerful attack).
Secondary equipment:
- Balance Badge lvl 3. (Boost stats a bit).
- Angel Pin lvl 3. (Randomly gives the player auto-revive status).
- Target Badge lvl 3. (A badge that boosts accuracy).

***Natalie must have Helas Stu************

2.4. Skills

There are many skills, but I'm going to highlight only those that are necessary

If you are playing on normal difficulty, you do not need defense skills!

2.4.1.Matt should have the following skills:
- Temper (Buffs an allys attack, gives them bravestatus).
- Fright (May debuff targets magic defence).
In the case of defense:
- Heal More (Advenced healing magic. Heals all allies).
- Protect (Buffs the defence of all allies).

2.4.2.Anna should have the following skills:
- Syphons (Syphons all foes)
- Absolute Zero *Limit Break!* (Deals massive ice damage to all foes, debuffs their evade, and freezes them).
In the case of defense:
- Dispel (Dispels all foes, cancelling their buffs and positive status effects).
- Guardian (Buffs an allys defence, magic defence, and evade).
- Revive (Revives a dead ally, or gives auto-revive status to a living one).
- Cleanse (Cancels an allys debuffs and heals their status problems).

2.4.3.Natalie should have the following skills:
- Charm (Buffs an allys magic attack)
**** It is better to buff magic attack with milk)*****
That will save you time!
- Judgement (Expert holy magic. High accuracy. May weaken targets).
- Black Hole *Limit Break!* (May instantly kill the foes)
In the case of defense:
- Barrier (Buffs the magic defence of all allies).
- Debilitate ( Debuffs all foes defence).

3. Epic battle
I suppose that this interest you the most.

3.1. Choose the right opponent

Q: Why Gold Dragon?
A: Because he has a low level of resistance to the dark skills!

Q1: There are many more creatures that have a low resistance to dark skills, why Gold Dragon again?
A1: Black Hole can instantly kill a foe, and we want to reach 3 million dmg, not instantly kill him.
The weaker opponent is, the more likely he will be killed instantly.

In addition to the golden dragon, there are two Acient Monolith.
They pretty much bother, so you can kill them, but I do not want to waste time on it.

3.2. Step-by-step battle

This is the easiest possible way!
Anna and Natalie must have a limit break attack ready for use!

Turn 1
Matt cast Fright on Gold Dragon
Anna cast Syphons on all foes
Natalie cast Judgement on Gold Dragon

Turn 2
Matt cast Temper on Natalie
Anna gives milk to Natalie
Natalie cast Judgement on Gold Dragon

Turn 3
Matt cast Fright on Gold Dragon
Anna cast Absolute Zero *Limit Break!*

If all goes well this is the final blow

Natalie cast Black Hole *Limit Break!


4. Summary

Thanks to all who read this, if you have any comments and suggestions I would love to hear them.
So tell me now or remain silent forever Just joking.
I hope I've helped you.

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