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PopCap and EA are making an Xbox One FPS, entitled "Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare" (big surprise, it's in the thread name).

You got it, an Xbox game, and a FPS. And yes, Garden Warfare does seem like a parody of Modern Warfare, because it is. Almost.
With the release of "PvZ: Adventures" on Facebook, and the coming arrival of "Plants vs Zombies 2: It's about Time" on iOS on July 18, this game is anticipated as for a console.
One of the newest things with this most recent installment of the PvZ series is the 4 person multiplayer capabilities, each person playing as a different plant class. I'll go into plant classes further on in this post.

The original teaser:

The official trailer:


So, from those videos, you can see the FPS style, and it also looks very good.

Another promo, actually called Dev diary #1:

Well, now people know it's coming.
So, in this video, we see tons of the old zombies returning, but totally revamped. A lot of new and old plants this time, so we're in for some good stuff.
Okay, now here is the basic breakdown of the aforementioned plant classes:
Sunflower: Medic class
Peashooter: Soldier class
Cactus: Sniper class
Chomper: Melee class

Nearly full breakdown:
The Sunflower will be a mainly supporting class, and have the ability to "root" down and absorb sun, which can then be turned into "flower power", a beam that can damage zombies. Her (yes, her) main purpose, however, is to be able to heal her comrades.
The Peashooter is the general fighting unit, medium range, and can drop bomb similar to the old cherry bombs, called a Chile Bean. Awesome explosive plant, but not playable. He can also plant other tower immovable plants, such as smaller peashooters.
Cactus has totally epic sniping abilities, and several special abilities, such as the ability to plant Wall-nuts around herself (yes, another her), drop potato mines, and use an air Garlic drone, which can fly above the entire fight, shoot small things, and call in a popcorn strike, similar to the corncob in PvZ 1.
Last, but definitely not least, is the Chomper, the close range fighter. All of his attacks are close range/melee. He was described as very similar to the Spy class in TF2. His abilities include being able to plant Bonk Choy, a melee plant which I described in the PvZ2 thread, and a burrowing ability. The Chomper can actually travel underground and completely invisible to the zombies for a short amount of time, appr 7-10 seconds at a time.

This is one of the games that I personally anticipate the most, because I really like shooters with good graphics, but I'm not a big fan of some of the more adult content put in most of them. PvZ: Garden Warfare offers great shooting action with a family friendly orientation. I don't have any version of the Xbox, but I may by the time this game comes out, if only to play it.

So, enjoy these pictures of the Disco Zombie:


So, what are your thought on this?

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On PS4 do you have to have PlayStation Plus to play?

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i want to play plant vs zombie 2

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Plants vs Zombies: GW is a good game, I have it on my XB1.

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