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This is the story of a man named Little. He had a little life with his little family in his little house in his little village. So, little went to his daughter, little little, and said "Hey little little, dont you feel little in this little town? Do you little little?" Little little replied, "No little, i dont feel little in this little town, in fact, i actually feel big, yeah, thats me, little little is big in this little house in this little town." And with that, little left little little sitting there on the little floor of the little house in the little town, and just stared in to the sky and said, "Wait, if im little, isnt it possible that im just a little thing in the little town in someone else's big world? And if that is possible, wouldnt that mean that someone littler than me, little, could be living in my little world? If that is so,wouldnt that make me big? yes... IM BIG! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!" And it felt like hours that little was yelling YES! And it is said, that anytime you feel little, you can still hear little saying, "IM BIG! YES! YES! YES!"

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