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This is really more of a kickstart then a real poem that I would put a lot of work into, but I want to get my writing clan started and noticed. Its kinda short, but, again, this isn't a big thing, it's just a small poem I made to advertise my clan. So here is my attempt at showing you all a taste of what this clan will bring, and I hope you enjoy!
The end
The time when time doesn't matter
Where for once you don't dream of life being handed to you on a golden platter
The only thing you can do is wait
But a friend can help you with this fate
They will take you through
All that makes you blue
And they will be by your side
Right next to you
They wipe the tears from your eyes
And stop all that you despise
Your friend in the end
Is all that you need
When the world doesn't care about you
So full of greed
You must be ready to face your destiny
With your friend right behind you, reciting your every testimony
To all that can hear
But choose not to
The man that is dying
Just flies through their ear

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