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You are the captain of a well... It floats. our goal is to become the best pirate in the ocean! You start in the Caribbeans, and can eventually lead your hordes to Britain itself. Or you could become a mercenary force and take out the pirates, and other ships, and gain a fortune so great that you live the wealthy life style in Capitol cities, and live like a king.

Character Sheet
Ship(s): Boarding craft *space for 1/10 men, No cannon slots, 1 boarding, 2 rows, space for 5 small long chests, estimated 0/1 hit before sinking* (As the game progresses you will get more ships, and a list of the ships from British/French/Spains ships)
Inventory: Sword, Flintlock pistol (As you advance your personal Inventory will get special things such as armored boots, and favorite loots)
Loot This is your total amount of loot on board ships, being carried, and in any secret hideouts that you have This includes money)
Personal: 1/1 in dock 0/1 raiding 0/1 on ship 0/1 guarding hideout 0/1 on break. (This shows your personal and what they are doing)

As the game advances everything will be explained these are just summaries of the things. Any confusion just ask, and ill clear it out i hope this will be a fun game, and not a waste of time on my part.

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