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Story: A milatary force has tooken over the world, and after a while Rebels attack the force on a small island, filled with jungle. You are a soldier in a dispatch squad called "The Elite Combine Unit" or TECU for short. (Note if this acronym has been used, I had no clue) TECU dispached 12 Small transport Choppers, holding around 8 passengers and 2 pilots at once. In the plane, you look over to your commanding officer and ask him about the mission. He starts talking but some anti air missiles hit a near-by transport, knocking it down. Another one hits your transport as your plane falls and crashes.

Health: 37/100
Hunger: 0/100
Thirst: 0/100
Ailments: Major wounds (-5 HP)
Item storage:

You wake up out of the crash, a man trying to crawl next to you gets shot through the head. The rebel that shot him is coming for you next, but suddenly something pounces on him. You pass out to the sound of gun shots and people getting eaten. What will you do?

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