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Just another poetry thread from me. I may also post editorials I have written about poetry. I will also link my DeviantART page for each poem, since it's my main literature community online nowadays.

Here's a sonnet that I wrote a little while back as part of a collaborative crown of sonnets.

Without Excuse
We lie, drunk on the star froth of cosmic beer,
Deceived by senses much too limited
And minds that toward the vast unknown hold fear
And trembling trepidation. We fidgeted
For trifles, treasured things we claimed
Would be as natural as deepest space,
Answered questions we ourselves had framed
To boost us up into the highest place.
We lie, for we have fallen drunk and drained
Of vision seeing what was made unseen.
The cosmos cries, so greatly is it pained
By gullibility so great and green,
That we have built our everything
On metamorphic elements, and sing.

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