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So many holidays (Holy Days) were created with Catholic intentions, but were distorted by modern day society to have no religious meaning, and only used to make money. Christmas, Christ's birth, is the biggest money-making holiday around now. Charlie Brown's Christmas was the last Christmas Special with any religious meaning in it. Halloween, the eve of all saints, had been turned into monsters and candy only. Easter, Christ's rising from the dead, somehow only marks the beginning of spring, involving eggs, candy, and bunnies. "St." Valentines day, somehow became a day of love, even though it's honoring a saint. St. Patrick's day became a day of leprechauns rather than St. Patrick. Thanksgiving became turkey day, and was about harvest, and the thanks to God was removed. The American holidays were always masonic, so they don't count. I'm going away, so I'll address the people saying, "Where in the bible does it say that?" next week.

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