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I've always had a fun little habit of looking back on interests or friends of mine, and reflecting upon how or why the thing in question became an interest of mine or friend of mine (or, came into my life).

It can be quite interesting at times, thinking back and realizing "wow! So if I hadn't done x, or because x happened, I discovered y!".
A band I like, Dir en Grey. My discovery of them happened as follows:
One random day, I decided to watch Smosh videos..probably out of some nostalgia whenever watched them in their early days. I watched a couple, and after their incessant badgering to visit their website (happens at the end of each of their videos), I crumbled and checked it out. They had some of those "15 things that blah blah", and one of them was of odd band names. I flipped through the list, and stumbled upon a Japanese band called "Electric Toilet"..or some ****. I, for some odd reason, decided to check them out..but while listening..a majority of the comments on the Youtube video stated that Dir en Grey was much better. At first, I ignored it..but the comments were on more than one I decided I might as well check out this other band. Because of this, Dir en Grey is happily in my life.

So, I implore you all...share some stories of how certain things in your life came to be a part of your life.

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