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First off this list is all of fake games. What I would imagine to be the worst games I would ever play. I wrote this article in Highschool so I thought I would share it.

Remember these games aren't real to the best of my knowledge

Drunken FreeWay Run
System: Super Nintendo (arcade style)

After going to a bar for 5 hours, you are dropped off on the side of the freeway. The other side has more booze. Earn points for safely crossing the road in the frogger-esque game. Crossing the road in the allotted time period will earn you bonus points. The more levels you beat the drunker your character becomes. Watch your character sway back and forth across a busy freeway. The game ends when you drink enough to pass out or you are hit by enough cars.

Wii Heavy Exercise Sports
Console: Wii

Soccer: Use the Wii weighted Nunchuck and Remote to run. Kick the Wii heavy bowling ball to score points.

Heavy Basketball Free Throws:
Use the heavy bowling ball to simulate shooting baskets. Try not to let go

Wii Track:
Attach the wii lead weights to your arms and ankles while you run in place.

Knot Tying
Use your fingers to tie various boy scout knots in the required time.

Gun Cleaning
Use the Stylus to clean various guns and gun chambers. Take apart the weapons with your Stylus and rub the stylus around to simulate a cleaning rag. Then try out the gun to see if it has a misfire

These are just comical little games that probably wouldn't succeed in the gaming world

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