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Discuss your camping trips here and how much fun and exciting they were for you.

I'll go first:

Koda camp July 7-12: A camp where only kids with deaf parents are allowed(its not that we don't trust anyone with hearing parents, its just that many of us have been bullied because of this).

Entertainment: It was awesome really, we got to climb, do archery, zip lines, swimming, etc. There was nothing there that wasn't fun.

Staff: They're really friendly, they're so awesome and funny. They even encouraged the little ones to do the more extreme stuff, which was really kind of them.

Campers: Some of them were fun and awesome, but there were also some that annoyed me so much I wanted to commit suicide. Although the little ones, who were like 8 or 9, were so cute. One time we were playing sharks and minnows and I was chasing one of the cute ones, then all of a sudden he stopped and begged me to let him cross on the other side. Well at this point I felt guilty and let him cross. So the campers were pretty good I'd say.

Food: The food was pretty good and tasty, although because of the little ones they take like 3 things at a time, so I always end up with like one thing. What they need to do is add bigger portions to their food.

Overall this camp was fantastic. It made me want to come back next year, which I will of course.

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That's also the same as going to a camp.

A lot of the summer camps I have seen have more permanent dwellings, like cabins and whatnot. Whereas camping pretty much guarantees you will be staying in at best a tent.

For me, "camping" has connotations of lots of hiking, whereas "going to a camp" implies that you will be more or less in one area. Furthermore, if you are going to a camp, you are probably going somewhere that is set up for the sole purpose of camping, and has facilities like outhouses and perhaps even showers. When I camp, I am almost always backpacking, and don't stay in the same location for more than one night.

To add to the semantic confusion:
In Maine, people also say that they "have a camp". This means that they have a semi-rustic dwelling in a non-urban location, like on a lake or something that they only live in seasonally. But these dwellings are typically pretty nice, and at home we would just call them "houses" or more likely, "those rich white people houses".
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*Sighs* I never get to go camping....

This thread hurts my feelings.

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