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Hey guys.
In the interest of talking interests, I thought we might discuss the nature of our various modes of employment.

I'm currently about halfway through a summer internship working for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA). I'm researching the potential of utilizing aquaculture (basically indoor fish farming) for use in food production in outer space structures. Fish are a very effecient source of food (compared to terrestrial mammals), and are used to living in "weightless" environments, what with the water and all.

Basically, NOAA flew my up to the International Space Station, where they have a small aquaculture system set up. Due to the whole 0-grav situation, they don't even use a tank to hold the water, but just let it float in the center of the room in a giant sphere full of fish. Its my job to try to train the fish not to swim out of the water bubble, and to find out what kinds of fish respond most quickly to training.

I do this by bopping the fish on the nose with a stick when they get too near the edge of the bubble. So far the tilapia are learning pretty quick, but the sturgeon are just dumb as bricks.

So what are ya'lls up to, money generation-wise?

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