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*CRYSTAL SLEEP FADING* a voice speaks as you slowly regain consciousness. You hear a loud *psh* sound as you feel open are in front of you. As you fully regain full awareness you find yourself falling down with nothing to hold you up anymore. Your knees hit the ground as you get into a kneeling position.
You keep yourself up with your hands as you look around you. The end of a coat disappears around a corner of an opening and closing door. More people were falling out of doors some not as lucky as you as the fell down and face planted.
Getting up you walk forwards towards the door and the door opens up automatically. You look around, still unsure of what was going on. You see some light coming from the end of the darker hallway. Thinking it's daylight you head towards it switching to running as you heads towards it, more people running around you. You make it out of the hallway and some kind of invisible barrier which you weren't sure what it was for.
Suddenly a wall of sound hits you and you flinch as your eyes adjust. The light was from the light fixtures above you...high above you. When the bright lights grow dimmer as your eyes adjust you see a man with an even brighter light on him was pointing at us from far below. You're on a balcony with rails and an invisible wall stopping us from moving past the guard rails. The sounds were people on the sides of something like a Colosseum...but underground, they were roaring with delight and anticipation their eyes were watching us, studying us like they were picking their favorite candy from a pile of it.
The sides of the walls were made out of a shiny gold-colored metal, but a touch revealed it was not gold and it felt more rough than it looked.
"May we welcome these new people to the ARENA!" The guy in the middle yelled as the crowd roared even louder.
"ARENA! ARENA!" Some yelled. Others just screamed a jumble of words which were washed away by the people who screamed 'ARENA!'
Suddenly the balcony started dropping downwards and some of the people around you screamed. With a large boom the balcony went under the floor and into a darker room.
This place was made out of metal and armored and armed people patrolled the room, most likely guards. Some broke their patrol to separate us all and bring us somewhere. You are brought to a wing of the underground complex where multiple people glared and yelled at you from behind glass doors which held through battering from the people on the other side of the windows. Your brought into your own cell with one other person. Then your left alone...left to think about what had happened. But one thing kept popping into your mind. I have to survive. This place is an Arena. Meant for people to kill. I will kill if I need to.
(more's coming in a sec some try not to post please :P
oh and sorry for the terrible grammar and everything else that's wrong with this, I'm terrible at talking in second person. ( ^ . ^ )(\\ *embarrassed look* )

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