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I've already created a game idea called The Doodleverse, a game where your a drawn character in a doodle-ish drawn world.. i just need a idea on what i should include.

Note that i'm using a pretty simple but not too simple character walking engine.

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Well, you could add enemies... Maybe an attack?

You could add water.

You could implement a basic way of making the rotation be at the ground angle, by using something like:

If(ground.hitTest(_x+5, _y-3, true))

_rotation -= 0.5;


That's all I can come up with right now.
You'd have to mess with the numbers to fit your char's speed and all, but that's what I use for my game.

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your a drawn character in a doodle-ish drawn world

I swear to God we've heard that idea before. Fancy Pants Adventure. But you've probably got a better idea on your side for your game.

Anyway, the choices of platform game you can use are varied. So really you have a lot of choice. So I've included a list of methods of implementation,

Tile-based is the most popular type of platform game.The entire level consists of tiles the player is able to step on. The levels are easy to design and are just as easy to store. Plus, there are a lot of tutorials online that are able to help you with this sort of game. Sadly, lots of games like this exist, so you'll need to think of a stellar gameplay concept on this one to get it flying.

Node-based engines are rarer. The entire level consists of nodes, and these nodes basically point out the ground. You'll need a top-notch collision framework on your side here. However, good news: find yourself a good artist, a good gameplay concept and a GREAT story-line, and you'll get very, VERY far. A lot of good games like Raze use node-based engines. Another good thing about node-based engines is that you can program artificial intelligence (computer opponents) into them.

Right. So. On to gameplay concepts.

Water is for swimming in. In some games, it's also somewhere you will die if you just can't find a place to breathe.

Enemies come in all shapes and sizes. You can have melee, ranged, spell-casters, minotaurs (strong but territorial- stay out of their boundaries and you're fine) and more. It all comes down to what game you're making. They'

Lava kills you... or just does massive damage.

Traps are hidden ... but can kill other enemies.

Bullets, arrows and other projectiles can attack enemies... but are just as capable of hurting you, too.

Swords can be used to commit suicide. If you do, you will be reset back to the last checkpoint, but with full health and less penalty than if you are killed by an enemy.

Yeah, I'm out of ideas, too. But all of these are accomplishable with just a hit-test. (Well, in the case of the water and swords, an extra variable will have to be added.) But aside from that, there are many things you can add in the game, but remember not to push yourself. Especially if you don't want to confuse your players with an extensive range of items and gamplay concepts. (After all, too much can be a good thing.) It is probably better to focus on one lone gameplay concept well than several concepts. (However, expansion of that one lone gameplay concept will be fine. Don't expand too much though, or you'll confuse your players.) Good luck.
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