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We all have those shows on TV that we watch and love, but some die premature deaths. This thread is all about those shows that got axed but you wish kept on chugging along.

I have 3 that come to the top of my head:
Firefly- This show was great. It had a bit of everything in it and now has a big following of browncoats! Sadly it was axed after the first season.
The Cape- This show either only made it through one season or got cut even before that. All I remember is it left me with a cliffhanger that will never be solved.
Zero Hour- The newest show that I miss already. After 3 episodes it was axed. Luckily the rest of the season is being shown right now and it says that it will wrap up. Still I don't see why you ax a show after 3 episodes.

So which shows do you miss?

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