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Quests, I enjoy collecting quests. I hope to soon have them all and I do feel obligated to play the games that have quests and collect the those quests. I enjoy getting quests about 91% of the time, about 8% of the time It becomes frustrating, and 2% of the time it's an absolutely wretched, abysmal chore (I based this off of real numbers).

What makes up that 2% of the time, Cursed Treasure 2. Now let me at least say this, Cursed Treasure 2 isn't that bad of a game, if and only if you don't strive to get three stars on every level (night and day). The game is probably an 8, but does suffer from a few bugs, far too long waves, and repetitive gameplay. However, those problems aren't too bad, if you are not trying to be perfect on every level.

But, I'm going for the quests. I have to be 100% perfect. Well there's absolutely nothing more frustrating than grinding through, ridiculously long waves only to have some enemy just barely, just so barely touch a gem and then die. I will be playing a level for 10 to 20 minutes and then a gem gets touched and I have to restart. Then, when you finally beat a level after 1 to 2 hours (of completely repetitive, no strategy boredom where luck decided the conclusion of the level) you have to play the same exact level again at night.

Night levels... Night levels end up being no different than the day levels at the later stages. The whole map ends up covered in towers so you build in all the same place you would in a day level. The only difference is that you can't build in all the same beginning locations. So, I have to repeat the process of watching (what seems like) endless waves enter the field, die nearly instantly, but some enemy will get close to the gems (somehow) touch them, and ruin the three star rating.

The game loses all strategy as you just end up putting towers everywhere (and yes that happens all the time in the later stages), and you then watch as almost every enemy dies instantly, thus making the last 15 waves or so absolutely boring and pointless. When you fail you think there is a strategy you can use. Barely, it usually boils down to hoping enough mana containers drop so you can use a spell on the tough enemy that is getting to close to the gems. Almost all luck.

I spent so much time, ripping my hair out, getting the quests the first time. I rejoiced when I finished, making a promise to myself never to play this wretched game again, but no, a level expansion was released and it was worse than the entirety of all the original game. They introduced Amazon enemies. These horrible enemies release a charm when they lose their armour, locking all the towers within the blast (this stops your towers from attacking). By the way, the charms blast radius is phenomenal and the game loves to send in five or more Amazonians at a time. Just sit back and watch as all your towers become locked. Now you can use the Terror spell to remove the charms, but you will never have enough mana to dispel the effect and have it be useful. Dispel the effect from your towers and another Amazonian will soon lose it's armour and lock your towers again. You can't win.

I beat those levels though and I was so happy. I thought, "I will never have to play this abysmal piece of a game ever again." I happy at the thought of not having to play such a wretched contrivance every again. But no, they released more levels and they're practically just as bad.

I can't stand Cursed Treasure 2.

Here are some comments, from only the first three pages, of other users who also had similar complaints.

Calidron says:
Nice to see that the new levels are just as based on luck and random chance as all the others. I think I'll pass on this game from now on. The devs have suddenly gotten into artificial difficulty and a lot less into actual strategy.

TheOnlyOutsider says:
I am at lvl 18... and lost nearly 1000 times. Only won once with 1 gem left. And thine one time it was only luck that i got a potion a call a meteor.
It is impossible for me and that doesn't make fun..

tomntm says:
Please add more skills in the skills menu. The last levels, especially the 3rd one on the Pirate Land is difficult.

velocio says:
New levels boring

BojanSimoski says:
The new lvls are sooooo boring

scole86 says:
New levels are okay... Just not fond of situations where you're at the mercy of sheer luck more than anything.

Saulon says:
The new levels requires too much luck to find the correct combination of mana/coins... Not to mention the last level which disappoints me a lot because of the new ship bombing combination: that is another game! Quite bad...

c00per says:
Oh boy... It was hard enough for me to get 18 stars on levels 16-17-18, but these new levels are killing me... Anyway, thanks for new levels and reduced graphics.

jackel402 says:
The new levels are SO hard

coolmanjolly6 says:
[Ugh,] stage 18 is so hard to get 3 stars!!!!!!!!

enanon says:
It wouldn't be difficult to get three stars in the three new lvls., if it weren't for the lags during the critical moments when u want to cast spells and got delayed just because of those, resulting in your gems being touched.....frustrating

TheEvidence says:
Level 20 really seems to depend too much on getting lucky.

varanusniloticus says:
Wow, the pirate bay is INSANE. I could only get one star :O

scarstar says:
Level 18 is way too difficult. I give up.

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