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It's that time again. August has unfortunately roared in and all the little American kiddies are buying their backpacks and writing utensils, while the teenagers are complaining about waking up before noon and having to deal with social customs.

Where are you on the stance? What grade are you going into? What do you think about school?

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ahhhh no school for me. i actually really miss school and wish i was in college. im doing community service and im about to finish it really soon and have no idea of what to do.

the thing is, college here is very different from the usa and im not having much fun with the idea of studying here.

i didnt really like school but it in the end its the place where you see your friends the most and probably have the most fun at too. it can be annoying at times but really... dont waste any time there. the nicest thing is also summer and other vacations, which you probably wont get when you grow up and have a job.

school is really underestimated by most people unfortunately and they dont realise how lucky they actually are

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