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Six strangers have been gathered together and brought before you. You are then given the choice to let them live or let them die.
Stranger 1 seems like a good person and you will receive no punishment and no reward for letting them live.
However,Stranger 2 appears to be a dreadful person, but once again you will receive no punishment for letting them live and no reward for letting them die.
Stranger 3 comes across as another decent person, but this time saving them could put your friends and family at risk.
Stranger 4 has the same potential risk to your friends and family if you save them, but unlike stranger 3, this person doesn't seem very good.
Stranger 5 appears to be another decent person, but if you let them die you could get a reward.
Stranger 6 also comes with benefits if you let them die and seems to be a fairly bad person.
You don't have to kill the strangers but their lives depend upon your choices. Also, you are an expert judge of character. So what do you do?

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